A.N.S 00 "Puppet"

Research notes declassified for the use of SCP personnel ONLY

[REDACTED] are developing the process of chemically inducing the quantum super-positioning and bi-location of a single, human consciousness; essentially inducing a NDE (Near Death Experience). Understanding the neuron (and neural microtubule super-structures) as a quantum-computational device is key to understanding how/why human consciousness is linked to hyper-dimensional reality and [REDACTED].

The goal is to copy/capture this imprint/mind during its bilocation experience and house it in an artificial nervous system (A.N.S.) developed by the DOD and [REDACTED] termed "A.N.S. 00" and. My group has nothing to do with the development of this artificial nervous system, yet our [REDACTED] mandate is to develop a final product that can be seamlessly integrated within the A.N.S. platform.

Successful super-positioning was achieved during the summer of [REDACTED] with 3 test subjects out of the original [REDACTED].

  • Subject 091 - Female [REDACTED] age 49
  • Subject 138 - Male [REDACTED] age 27
  • Subject 204 - Female [REDACTED] age 11

Physiological commonalities were established between the successful test subjects. All had advanced calcification of the pineal gland with increased levels of fluoride (84 x normal). Daily regiments of compounds [REDACTED] in combination with [REDACTED] are attributed to the advanced calcification of the subject's pineal glands. We have also found that the simple combination of compounds [REDACTED] assist in the separation of [REDACTED].

Subjects 091 and 204, while successfully super-positioning their consciousness, died as a result of fracturing/super-positioning their baser brain functions within the medulla. Subject 091 succumbed to cardiovascular failure while 204 entered severe respiratory distress. We believe that these subjects failed to reposition their super-positioned consciousness back into their organic, physical scaffolding or neural tissue; thus resulting in the death of subject 091 and the vegetative state of 204. During the experiment, subjects 091 and 204 became physically distraught - resulting in elevated heart rates, hyperventilation, respiratory failure, hypertension, [REDACTED], the inevitable dissolution of their psyches, and death.

Subject 138 was the only test subject to avoid complete fracturing and dislocation of baser brain functions and successfully super-position only their cognitive faculties. 138 managed to retain the most control during the chemically induced NDE. Subject 138's baser brain functions seem to to be unaffected by the super-positioning of his consciousness. Yet the executive functions of the frontal lobes, rostral of the central sulcus, become dormant and devoid of all neuro-electrical activity. This suggest that the only portions of subject 138's nervous system that were super-positioned were his executive, cognitive functions - his consciousness. We can only attribute this to the subject's increased myelin count in the frontal lobe white matter and prenatal exposure to [REDACTED].

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