The Time Flashlight
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SCP-517 resting on Dr.█████'s desk.

Item #: SCP-517

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-517 is stored in a secured locker at Site ██ . Experimentation on SCP-517 may only be performed with prior approval from at least two (2) Level 2 Personnel. The device runs on custom long-lasting alkaline batteries matching the style of those used when it was made, which are to be inserted under the bulb. SCP-517 is not permitted to be active for more then 2-3 minutes, for fear of the bulb burning out.

Description: SCP-517 is a flashlight dating back to 1914 - 1930. When SCP-517's switch is in the "on" position, it exhibits its unusual properties. What makes the device of interest is that of the area where light would normally occupy instead shows a cone of a different timeframe and/or dimension (The latter being speculated because of massive differences on severel occasions) , either past or future. This only changes the perception of the area, and does not produce any spatio-temporal anomalies. Electromagnetic energy is "produced" by the projection through an unknown method.

Incomplete Test Logs of SCP-517

Researcher Involved: Dr. ████
Date: 09-09-20██
Object(s) used: One (1) D-Class personal, one (1) stopwatch.
Events: D-1458 held the stopwatch perpendicular to his body, while the device was set on a tripod four (4) feet away. When the device was activated, the cone showed a portion of D-1458 (His face, upper torso, and left arm) as slightly younger, as well as the wall behind him being significantly less weathered; indicating the time being showed to be at least 10+ years in the past. The stopwatch was not present, however, yet D-1458’s hand appeared to be holding still it.
Notes: A very standard outcome, concluding that items being will indeed still act as if they exist.

Researcher involved: Dr. ████
Date: 10-09-20██
Object(s) used: Two (2) D-Class personal.
Events: D-4678 and D-7712 stood side by side, and SCP-517 was activated. When the cone was directed at the two subjects, D-7712 was not present. No Change in D-4678. Approximately 4 hours after the experiment, D-7712 was killed while working with SCP-███.
Notes: Strange coincidence, keep track of anything similar.

Researcher involved: Dr. ████
Date: 14-09-20██
Object(s) used: One (1) D-Class personal.
Events: SCP-517’s switch was turned to the “on” position, however when activated, the cone showed only a black area. Researchers overseeing the experiment were alerted, thinking the device might be broken. As they looked over its exterior for differences or damage, the cone suddenly flashed a powerful blinding light that killed and [DATA EXPUNGED] the entire team, as well as temporarily blinded all who were observing. All recording devices Effects lasted 24 hours.
Notes: What.

Addendum 265-1: Due to the incident that occurred on 14-09-20██, all personal working on SCP-517 are to use caution after the initial activation.

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