The Trains (SCP in progress by Etna)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a room measuring 20m x 20m x 2.5 m. The walls are to be constructed of concrete no less than 1m thick, with a reinforced steel door that is constantly guarded by at least one armed security guard. The personnel assigned to guarding SCP-XXXX will be changed on the first day of each month, with the previous guard being subjected to psychotherapy.

There is to be 1 D-Class personnel occupying SCP-1126’s room at all times. The subject shall be of average or above-average physical condition, and shall be connected to a Type-17C Nutrient/Hydration cable at least 25m long, which will run through the North Wall and into a storage facility. Upon the death of the current Class D assigned to SCP-XXXX, a new one will be chosen from current recruits.

Besides the Class D assigned to SCP-XXXX, no personnel below Security Class 3 may enter the room. Anyone wishing to enter the chamber must submit a request and subject themselves to screening.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be nothing more than a standard wooden “Thomas the Tank Engine” play set, dating to around ████. The set currently contains 7 engines, 14 passenger cars, 25 cargo cars, and 2 hand-carts. In addition to trains, the set also contains approximately 12 wooden buildings, including a miniature replica of “███ ████████”, and a currently-unknown number of wooden people measuring approximately 5cm in height. At the time of its retrieval, SCP-XXXX occupied an area of approximately 3m2.

Any subjects within 10m of the nearest edge of the set describe feeling a powerful urge to touch and examine its pieces. Even test subjects who had no knowledge of SCP-XXXX were able to identify many of the pieces it contains in great detail. Once a subject touches any component of SCP-XXXX, they begin exhibiting a powerful obsession with the toy, refusing to eat, drink, or sleep in an effort to have more time to play with it.

The first test subject for SCP-XXXX was Dr. ██████, who made the unfortunate mistake of touching the pieces for examination. She immediately took to connecting the trains and moving them about the track, no longer responding to her name, After less than two days, Dr. ██████ expired of dehydration.

When no one is currently under its control, SCP-XXXX has demonstrated a bizarre ability to grow, adding new track in branching paths that increase its area at a rate of 1-3m2 per hour. Unfortunately, due to the containment failure of SCP-███ and the resulting chaos, this ability was not observed until █ days after the doctor’s death, by which time the set had almost quadrupled its original area.

To keep it from growing, SCP-XXXX is to have a Class D personnel assigned to it at all times. These consecutive D-Class all exhibit the same behavior pattern: using SCP-XXXX’s trains to move the wooden people along a seemingly-random path, dropping each person off at a new location approximately every 15 minutes. It is not known where this schedule comes from, if it benefits SCP-1126 in some way, or if it is simply a psychological reaction of test-subjects to SCP-1126.

So far, attempts to remove Class D personnel from SCP-XXXX have been unsuccessful (see Addendum). All personnel who have become attached to SCP-XXXX have resisted violently to attempts to remove them from it, and in all cases so far have died of a stroke or heart-attack within 1-5 minutes of removal from SCP-XXXX.

In its current state, SCP-XXXX does not present much of a threat, as its pieces can be destroyed when exposed to high heat or pressure. However it is not yet known if there is a limit on the size it can grow to, and in the event of a long-term power failure, Taskforce-████ has been given instructions to find and destroy SCP-XXXX before it can spread.

Addendum: D-116274 was restrained and administered tranquilizers before being removed from SCP-1126’s chamber to be replaced by D-██████ The following is an excerpt of the interview between D-116274 and Dr. █████.

Dr. █████: D-116274, I want you to tell me: why do you wish to return to SCP-XXXX?

D-116274: [Pause, Labored breathing]. Because they need me! Please doc, just let me go back to them. I have to help them! They need me… they need me… please, let me go back…

Dr. █████: Who are “they?”

D-116274: Them! The ones you put me in that room with! They need me! Without me they can’t… without me they’ll… I just have to go back… please…

At this point, D-116274 begins crying, eventually breaking into hysteria. Subject died 2 hours later.

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