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Intances of scp-XXXX used in experiment 1-02

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Prociduer: All instances of Scp-XXXX not used for testing are to be held in the middle of a cubical room, each in it's own glass cube, lit With a power of no less then 1g lm from each side.

Description: Scp-XXXX is a series of 43 screws made out of an unknown bronze tinted metal, no notable markings appear on the screws.

the screws were found by Foundation agents during a raid on one of the Church of The Broken God cell.

According to the incident reports during the raid Agent [REDACTED] have entered a room deep within the cell uncovered, reported it to be a very dark room in the communicator, and proceeded to enter the room. The MTF reported to hear screams, presumably Agents [REDACTED] over the communicator.
About five minutes later the MTF was able to locate said room and the Agent within it. The agent was found immobile on the floor of the room, and when he was removed from the location it became apparent that the reason for the agent being immobile, rather then faint or dead, was that all instances of SCP-XXXX were screwed in into most of his joints. the room was revisited and was found to be an ordinary rather small cubical room with no anomalous properties.

Upon retrieval of the instances of the SCP, Agent [REDACTED] regained consciousness and reported that as soon as he stepped in the room he lost balance due to an immense pain in his joints, later fainting from the increasing pain. The agent was authorized a dose of SCP-500 and was returned to the field work.

Addendum 1-01: Experiment log -01:

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