Thirsty Spigot
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SCP-████ after acquisition

Item #: SCP- ████

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-████ is to be kept in a standard safe at Site-██. (See Incident Report I████-1)
SCP- ████ is to be kept in a modified safe at Site-██ in the [REDACTED] desert. The safe is to contain a grated drain on it's bottom, connected to a 10-kiloliter water tank by no more than 1 meter of pipe. The tank is to contain no less than 5 kiloliters and no more than 9 kiloliters of water at all times. The tank is to drain to Reservoir-██ in the event that that it's volume exceeds 9 kiloliters. At least 2 plumbers experienced with handling remotely operated robots are to be kept on staff at all times.

Site-██ is not to house any SCPs involving water (including most biological SCPs), or any SCPs with containment procedures that involve water, with the exception of SCP-████

SCP-████ is a brass water spigot, approximately 6cm in length. SCP-████ intake end is not open, and is filled with brass. When the handle on SCP-████ is turned counterclockwise, it will produce water in the same manner as a conventional spigot, with the notable differences that the water produced is pure, distilled water, and also that it requires no intake, and will continue to produce water as long as the handle is in the correct orientation, even while not connected to any source of water.

While SCP-████ does not require that it be connected to a source of water to operate, it still requires that there be a source of water nearby. While active, it will drain water from any nearby object containing water, including the surrounding air, hermetically sealed containers, D-Class personnel, and Foundation staff. Of note is that it drains only water, any impurities will be left behind.

SCP-████ does not appear to have a limit on the distance from which it can drain water, however it can still drain the water it produces, thus making large drain distances unlikely after extended use.

SCP-████ was acquired after reports of a "sunken city" in the [REDACTED] desert in [REDACTED] reached the Foundation. Foundation personnel were dispatched to investigate, and found SCP-████ attached to a pipe that terminated .6 meters below ground, submerged underneath 14 meters of water, in the center of a small village. Autopsies of the occupants of the village showed signed of severe dehydration, dessication, and drowning. SCP-████ was fully active at the time of recovery.

Incident Report I████-1:
On ██/██/████, all water-containing entities in Site-██ spontaneously dessicated, causing ██ fatalities and ███ early D-Class terminations. Investigators sent to ascertain the nature of the containment breach did not return. Exploration via remote robot revealed that the safe housing SCP-████ had burst, and SCP-████ was producing water at a much faster rate than normal. After █ days, SCP-████ was repaired via remote robot, and containment was re-established for all █ containment breaches. SCP-████ was subsequently relocated to Site-██.

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