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SCP-XXXX Shortly after a mass extraction

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in an airtight room with a single entrance, and equipped with atmospheric control for oxygen content, humidity, and temperature. The room’s atmosphere is to stay below 10% humidity, with temperatures below 28 °C. The entrance is to be composed of tempered glass (to maintain visibility) within a titanium frame, magnetically sealable, and connected to a I62-Decontamination room capable of reaching temperatures of no less than 260 °C. One Level 3 Security Personnel is to be on-call for mass reduction procedures and in case of Special Aggression Scenarios.

The room containing the subject is to be equipped with a 757 liter bathtub set on the side of the room opposite of the entrance. The bathtub’s drain is to connect to a 2 meter long pipe, capped in cement. The entirety of the pipe must remain inside of the airtight room.

All monitoring of the subject must be physically performed by staff assigned to scp-XXXX, as mechanical monitoring devices experience failure after brief exposures. The cause of these failures is still being researched. Personnel monitoring SCP-XXXX must periodically sweep the room through the glass door with a flood lamp, checking for overreaching strands, bathtub capacity, and subject aggression. Flood lamps are not to be used for longer than 30 seconds at a time to decrease chance of subject aggression.

The attached decontamination room is to contain the following equipment:

  • (1) Flame-thrower (fully fueled)
  • (1) Pole-mounted shears at least 1.2 meters in length
  • (1) Pole-mounted comb at least 1.2 meters in length
  • (2) 56 liter steel buckets
  • (3) G-Class, heat resistant hazard suits
  • (3) air tanks each measuring at least 1 hour supply
  • (2) 75 watt flood lamps including reserve batteries enough for an additional 12 hours light

In case of subject aggression, increase oxygen levels to 50% and turn off any flood lamps. If subject maintains aggression after these measures for longer than five (5) minutes, immediately notify the Level 3 Security Personnel and trigger alarm for Special Aggression Scenarios. After every aggression event, the tempered glass door is to be inspected carefully for damage.

In case of overreaching strands or over-full bathtub capacity, a mass reduction must take place. Using the on hand tools and precautions, personnel must reduce the subjects mass to a manageable level, while remaining outside of SCP-XXXX-1’s reach.

After entering the Subject’s room, all personnel must decontaminate themselves and their suits using the I62’s Personnel Decontamination Chamber. All other equipment to be bathed in a 50% Sodium Hydroxide solution to decontaminate.

All personnel assigned to the facility containing SCP-XXXX must maintain hair length of no greater than 3 cm. Great care is to be taken to keep SCP-XXXX away from plumbing, as well as away from a human’s mouth and nose. Also, all facility personnel to be observed for the following conditions or actions:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Irritability
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Pulling hair from their throat

If any facility personnel are seen with any of these conditions, personnel must be subjected to a medical evaluation to determine their status as a potential SCP-XXXX-1. If personnel is observed pulling hair from their throat, they are to be immediately classed as SCP-XXXX-1, quarantined, and incinerated. All personnel exposed to SCP-XXXX-1 without proper hazard gear must be subjected to a medical evaluation to determine their status as a potential SCP-XXXX-1.

If the facility’s plumbing is contaminated, all toilets, drains, and reservoirs to be drained and/or flushed with a 50% Sodium Hydroxide solution.

Description: SCP-XXXX was found in ██████, USA on ██/██/20██. The subject is a long, course hair like substance emanating from the human host, SCP-XXXX-1. The facility’s current SCP-XXXX-1 last known name was ██████ ████████, a ██ year old woman from ████████.

The subject has limited prehensility and mobility, but lacks the strength to injure except during a Special Aggression Scenario. However, SCP-XXXX-1 has proven to be extremely dangerous.

The subject’s most interesting trait, is its method of mass expansion. The subject can continually grow, and appears to require no additional mass from its surroundings to accomplish this. This physical impossibility is still being researched, though some postulate that the extra mass is obtained from an [DATA EXPUNGED].

When dormant, the subject generally enters a form of hibernation near a drain. If a drain is not present, the subject will continue to search and is known to become aggressive if unsuccessful. The rate of mass expansion of the subject is reduced during times of dormancy.

SCP-XXXX possesses many unusual protein markers not seen in human hair, and are still pending further examination. Exposure to a Sodium Hydroxide solution appears to negate these unique proteins, and due to the nature of the subject, it is difficult to analyze any pure samples without further contamination. All requests to analyze a pure sample requires O5 authorization.

SCP-XXXX’s main motivation, as far as we can determine, is to spread to other hosts by means of separating at least one strand from its host and using its limited mobility to enter the throat of another human. Afterwards, a course brown hair will grow inside of the host’s lungs, and then into their spinal column, taking control of the body. From the point on, mass expansion increases, and within a week the subject will have a fully converted SCP-XXXX-1 host.

The subject also has at least some understanding of plumbing, understanding that it can be used to travel to access other potential hosts. Its ability to detach into a single strands and disperse through nearly any gap to access new hosts is one of its most threatening quality.

Despite light causing the subject to enter a state of violent aggression, intense fire, or high can be used to counter-act its aggression, forcing it into a dormant state.

Care must be taken preventing it from entering a Special Aggression Scenario. During these rare events the subject shows new qualities, that makes it difficult to contain. The qualities that have so far been observed during an Special Aggression Scenario include dynamic and highly-intelligent [DATA EXPUNGED] paired with enhanced strand prehensility, and strength.

During an Special Aggression Scenario, the subject has also developed the ability to communicate as well as a highly developed [DATA EXPUNGED]. Because of this, during an Special Aggression Scenario all personnel are to be wearing ear-plugs to resist the subject’s effects. Additionally, the subject’s rate of mass expansion can increase to [DATA EXPUNGED], as well as [DATA EXPUNGED].

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