Time Eater

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept inside the "Dangerous Small Objects" sector. No personnel under class 4 clearance are admitted inside this sector. SCP-xxxx is contained inside a case labelled "Time Eater" on the east wing of the DSO sector, row 7. The case is locked via key which is kept inside class 5 personnel's offices.

No physical contact is to be made with SCP-xxxx during experimentation. SCP-xxxx should be handled while wearing gloves. NOTE: Item is not sentient. Items effects take place during physical contact. Item must not be permanently damaged.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a wrist watch of unknown brand or maker. It weighs approximately 55 grams, it has 27,5 cm in length and 4,5 cm in width. It is composed of leather, glass, and various metals. When SCP-xxxx is worn, an anomalous effect takes place. The life of the wearer becomes significantly altered. SCP-xxxx seems to be able to "erase" the time of the wearers life, in which every moment the wearer has ever lived becomes expunged. Everything the wearer has ever done, influenced, changed also becomes expunged until, ultimately, the wearer dissapears altogether. This "feeding" process varies in time, everything from two weeks to even years, depending on SCP-xxxx's condition.

The condition of SCP-xxxx alters the amount of time it takes it to complete this cycle. SCP-xxxx is usually non dependable for telling time. In this case, the wearer finds it necessary to tinker with it, or take it in for repair. If SCP-xxxx becomes fully functional, the amount of time it takes for it to complete the cycle increases, dramatically. The less dependent SCP-xxxx is, the less time it takes for it to finish draining the wearers time stream.

SCP-xxxx first caught the Foundations attention after hearing reports of a "cursed" wrist watch. SCP-xxxx was discovered inside a wrist watch store, on sale. Since containment, the Foundation found ways to discover the effect of SCP-xxxx (see Dr.-——'s log). SCP-xxxx is rendered Euclid since it's effects are not fully understood, however, it can be easily contained.

Dr.-——'s log:

//It seems that there is a way to find out just how this thing works, apparently, the watch is able to, somehow, erase the persons life. We don't know how it does this, but we can track this.
Since the watch only effects the wearers life and influence, we CAN write down data about the wearer. We wrote down a test subjects name, age and everything else about him and also concerning this test.
When we put the watch on the test subject all memory of him and the experiment vanished slowly in time. We completely forgot about him and the test.
Later we found the papers containing the persons data. After some thought, we concluded that the watch drains the wearers time. We looked everywhere for the test subject but we could not find him.
We only managed to find the watch on sale inside another store. We knew it was the same watch because we took a picture of it before the initial test took place.
since then, we locked it away for good. //

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