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Item #: SCP-XXXA-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All persons currently infected with SCP-XXXA are to be issued a flash card containing a definition of the words ███████ and ████; said cards are not to make use of either term. Any carrier who refuses to accept this new information is to be killed immediately, without hesitation. All written instances of the word ███████ are to be extricated from any document pending O5 approval for accuracy.

Description: SCP-XXXA is an incredibly powerful ███████ agent first encountered in 19██ and is now nearly ubiquitous in all internet users. SCP-XXXA is not thought to be physically harmful but does present the largest misinformation risk ever encountered by Foundation employees.

Subjects who hear or read the word ███████ immediately become carriers. They aggressively attempt to describe things as ███████, despite copious evidence to the contrary. They also assume full understanding the term ███████ without ever checking a guide, often deciding it to be synonymous with words such as psychological, hypnotic, and weird-mind-shit.

At this time it is unknown how many Foundation personal are afflicted with the SCP-XXXA, but its effects have been found in virtually every report tagged as ███████. Hundreds, if not thousands, of documents currently display misuse of the word ███████, and are potentially capable of initiating an outbreak. Efforts are underway to repair the damage, but are currently hindered by a rapid influx of new cases and mass inability to use Google.

Item #: SCP-XXXC

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXC is to be stored in a standard concrete containment cell. No persons are to be allowed access without O5 authorization. The device’s power switch is to be housed in a separate Foundation facility under direct O5 supervision.

All tests conducted using SCP-XXXC and its accompanying switch, are to take place outside Earth’s solar system, under vaccum, and are subject to O5 approval. Any means capable of transporting SCP-XXXC to the required distance is suitable, so long as the time required is within the realm of feasibility. To prevent a XK class event, at no time may the two components be combined within 120 AU of Earth.

Description: SCP-XXXC consists of a table-mounted conveyor-belt which passes through an enclosed rectangular processing area. It has a length of 1.5 m, a width of 0.5m and stands approximately 1.5m tall. The words “The Factory: Manufacturing Division” are present in red paint on the underside of the device and are accompanied by a decal bearing operating instructions1. Superficially, the unit is constructed of metals resembling steel, copper, and brass, as well as various synthetic polymers, and has physical properties consistent with those materials. A toggle switch marked “ON” and “OFF”, since removed, was formerly located on the front of the device; no form of external power connection has yet been found.

The primary function of SCP-XXXC is now known to be the conversion of matter into antimatter. The means by which this transmutation is achieved is as yet undetermined, but all testing to date has shown output objects to be identical to those input, save for an antimatter composition. Processing by SCP-XXXC has not been shown to alter the mass or chemical nature of any item; however, net charge is always reduced to zero, presumably to prevent violation of conservation of charge.

The capabilities of SCP-XXXC came to the attention of the Foundation after its arrival and subsequent activation at a chemical processing plant in ██████, England. The incident resulted in the immediate deaths of all plant personal from extreme gamma ray exposure, caused by the annihilation of ambient air that flowed through SCP-XXXC's processing enclosure. Foundation surveillance of the area detected the radiation spike and agents were dispatched to extract the source wearing appropriate protective clothing. A cover story involving the release of toxic gasses was then disseminated to local residents.

Addendum: Examination of the nanoscopic structure of the device has yielded inconclusive results. At no magnification is has any component shown to be composed of discrete atoms, always appearing as a single planar surface. This, along with the anomalous effect of SCP-XXXC, has led to the hypothesis that it is not composed of baryonic mater, but some unknown elementary material. To date, only implements made of this material, cannibalized form SCP-XXXC, have been deemed safe for use in handling processed objects.

I was a person, now, I am a thing.

They made me this way, just to see what would happen. They all wanted to learn, and didn’t see any harm. They knew it would work, but imagined no repercussions. They understood the result would be dangerous, but they had precautions, safeguards, and contingencies. They forgot something. They forgot I was human.

They sent me through that machine. I didn’t feel any different. Ten fingers, ten toes, I was all there, my mind too. At first it was exciting. They said we were “breaking new ground” together. Imagine, me, on the forefront of science. They ran tests and I helped every step of the way. I was as eager to be the center of attention. I was “ushering in a brave new era”.

I was a woman who had hopes and dreams, now, I am fear to all who of know me.

Then I had a realization they’d kept from me. I should have seen it, but they clouded my judgment. How would I live? Where would I go? What was the exit? The answer, there was none. I was disposable, and in the end, I would be disposed of. I would never be able to touch another person. Never again would I set foot on the Earth. I was a prisoner of my own body. My very touch spelled fiery death.

That’s when I made a choice they had never planned for. They had never considered I might not play along. I had nothing to lose, so to hell with the cost. They had made me a weapon, and it was time to fight back.

I will not be a tool any longer. I will never again sit idly by. Their mistake has put my fate into my own hands, and with the power they gave me, I will reshape my destiny. With that power I’ll live or kill them all trying. Even in death, they survive by my will.

I was a pawn who marched to their beat, now, I am the one who will end their beating.

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