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The crew of SCP-1133-1 two months prior to disappearance.

Item #: SCP-1133

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area for 100m around SCP-1133 has been fenced off, low-voltage electric fencing has been employed to deter members of the public. Inspection of the fence is to be carried out every fortnight.

Description: SCP-1133 appears to be a standard, if extremely and perpetually muddy field located in the state of [REDACTED], USA. Persons entering the field will not experience any unusual phenomena, however vehicles (manned or otherwise) will sink entirely within 2-5 hours. Attempts to follow the movements of said vehicles via the use of tracking devices has proved unexplainably fruitless and thus they remain unrecovered. SCP-1133-1 is a US Army M48A3 Patton Main Battle Tank of Troop A, 3d Squadron, 5th Cavalry "Black Knights". No anomalous activity reported in or by SCP-1133-1 or crew. Both are in the equivalent conditions as similarly aged counterparts.

Transcript of Interview-1133

Interviewed: Lt.(ret.) Keiler

Interviewer: Researcher █████

Foreword: As the commanding officer of SCP-1133-1 or as he calls it, "Jeannie", Lt.(ret.) Keiler was selected as the most appropriate to be
interviewed. After undoing psychiatric evaluation and subsequent course of anti-depressants, he has been cleared as psychologically
healthy despite further, minor symptoms of PTSD.

Begin Log, 1103 12/07/1973

Interviewer: Lt. Keiler…

Keiler: Ray. You can call me Ray, doc.

Interviewer: Ok, Ray, I understand you are aware of your current listing of MIA status?

Keiler: Yeah, I've been told.

Interviewer: It has also been explained that you will not be returning to the military or indeed a 'normal' life based on your 'experience'?

Keiler: Shit, yeah, right again.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you. Now, can you describe for me the events of ██/██/████?

Keiler: Well, it was just your regular combat maneuvers, to start. We were providing infantry support for these grunts, round the Ben Het area I think, yeah 'round there, and just as they were calling in the Thunderchiefs [USAF attack aircraft] to mop things up we start reversing out of there through this paddy.

Interviewer: Was there anything unusual about it? Anything out of the ordinary?

Keiler: No. I didn't even register it really, I mean its not like they're uncommon! [laughs] So yeah, we were getting the hell out of there when we hit
the mother of all mud holes, I've some nasty shit in my time with tanks up to their cupolas in crap, but man this paddy was freakin' deep! The back end
was dug in, I reckoned we had maybe 3 or 4 feet left to sink, max. And well, turns out i was wrong, don't it?

We just kept going down, just straight down, easy as you like. As soon as the mud got above the top of the treads and didn't stop I buttoned up the hatches and told 'em to wait it out, didn't want all the paddy-water inside you see, maybe radio for an M88 [armored recovery vehicle] or something. We're sitting in Jeannie here [pats the side of SCP-1133-1 affectionately] for what, 3 hours? The air was getting real dry in there by that time, I close to saying 'to hell with the tank' and just running. We didn't even know we'd gone fully under, but I knew we were deep. Next thing, there's a lurch and were totally level again. So I say to the Kid, 'have a look out.' He does. Tells us to look. We do. Man, I don't believe in the afterlife, but this was damn near to it. We were on this road, no tarmac or anything it just was white. No scenery or nothing, just white, apart from these little streaks of color, moving like a stream. I looked at this road we were on and it was filled with tread-jobs [tracked vehicles], jeeps, all sorts. Like a war-hound's [military enthusiast's] wet dream, man this convoy went on for miles, becoming one of those moving streaks in the distance.

Then it struck me what was really odd. No sound. There were like a million vehicles here, all going along steadily and not one of them made so much as a squeak. We saw the crews, sat there, facing forwards, unmoving. I thought I'd gone mad, or died, or both. We'd just got moving, the engine wasn't on, wasn't in gear or anything, we were just moving along. Jesus, we spent so long on that road. I don't know how long we had been on it when
something happened, but it more than I care to imagine. Then yeah, as suddenly as we got there, we were in the air, rising above the convoy. We kept on going through the white, then black, then out.

I watched them fall asleep or something, my crew I mean, one by one. Then I must have done the same. Next thing, I'm in a warehouse with you guys!
[laughs] Some grand adventure home, huh?

End Log, 1213 12/07/1973

Closing Statement: Recovery site of 'Jeannie' hereby designated SCP-1133, Keiler's account implies the existence of other such 'wormholes', the exact
amount, however, remains unclear. Crew of 'Jeannie' (hereby designated SCP-1133-1) voice concerns at their confinement to site ██, but have agreed to remain. Security risk is deemed minimum.

Addendum: The search for the location of Vietnamese 'wormhole' is suspended as of 04/09/1975 due to subsequent changes in topography and the associated security risk of a physical sweep of this size.

"Christ! you guys still looking for that thing? Finding that damn paddy is like finding a haystack in stack of haystacks, you know?"
-Lt. Keiler, Commander of SCP-xxxx-1

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