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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-XXX with event horizon beginning to form.
SCP-XXX with event horizon nearly completed.
SCP-XXX in the last instant before event horizon forms, rendering observation from outside of it impossible.

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be monitored by armed guards. Redundant sensors must monitor the machine while it is active to ensure that the gravimetrically balanced event horizon remains stable.

Description: SCP-XXX is a machine outfitted with a torus shaped chamber measuring 30m across and 5m high, equipped with gravimetric generators and graviscalar containment fields. When activated, the machine produces a singularity and attendant event horizon whose gravitational field is exactly balanced, producing a net force of zero. While running, the interior of the machine is effectively cut off from the rest of the universe.

Experiments have demonstrated that traversable closed time-like curves are produced while the machine is in operation, permitting travel backwards in time, but only within the confines of the torus and only back to when the machine is activated. Due to the causal discontinuity affected by the surrounding event horizon, resulting paradoxes are perforce confined to its interior.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXX was recovered in 2011 from a laboratory at the University of XXXXXXXX in XXXXXXX,XXXXXX. Unbeknownst to the researchers involved, the grant funding was being provided by the Foundation, permitting progress to be monitored. Class A amnesiacs were administered to the team involved in building and testing the machine once it was completed. The machine was transported and re-assembled and is now located in a bunker under Foundation custody.

Test Logs:
Note: Expendable D-class subjects were used for experimentation. As the machine is effectively cut off from outside observation while in operation, findings were only obtainable from subsequent interviews.

Experiment 1
Subject told to slowly circle the chamber and make observations. Subject enters chamber and machine activated for a predetermined period of 1 minute.
After circling once, the subject reported meeting his double who reported being from the future. At this point, the subject suddenly found himself having
traded places with his double, effectively having become his future-self. Although the intervening time seemed to have been excised the subject was
none the less in possession of memories of his actions during the period.

The subject had just finished explaining this to his now past-self which agreed with his recollection of the interchange that had previously occurred when
their roles were reversed. The machine deactivated at this point and his past-self disappeared. The subject was given a medical and psychological
evaluation which revealed no untoward effects. Subject terminated on schedule.

Experiment 2
Subject told to continuously circle and under no circumstances communicate in any way with any version of himself that he encounters. Subject enters
chamber and machine activated for a predetermined period of 1 minute. Subject unexpectedly does not encounter an alternate self. Machine deactivates
as normal. Once again, no untoward effects were reported or apparent from examination. Subject terminated on schedule.

Experiment 3
Subject given no instructions and told to proceed at his discretion. Subject enters chamber and machine activated for a predetermined period of 10 minutes.
The subject elected to remain stationary. After 5 minutes, the subject was approached by a version of himself. During the ensuing conversation they could
not establish which one was from further in the future. Machine deactivated as normal, leaving both versions present. During the debriefing, it appeared that
enough time had elapsed during the experiment to permit random fluctuation to play a part, resulting in their differing decisions. Both subjects terminated
on schedule.

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