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Item #: SCP-578

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-578 is currently located outside the ruins of ██████████, ██████. The surrounding area is to be barricaded by a twelve (12)-meter high electric fence and monitored by no less than 60 (sixty) on-site personnel under the premise of a bioremediation study after a toxic spill. Any instances of SCP-578-1 outside the containment zone are to be shot down and their remains incinerated.

Addendum SCP-578-10/12/20██: Staff assigned to SCP-578 must not possess any kind of mechanical augmentation such as hearing aids, pacemakers, or advanced prosthetics.

Description: SCP-578 is a large mechanical intelligence, currently located in an abandoned automobile factory located in ██████████, ██████. SCP-XXXX appears to have altered the machinery inside the factory to continually produce autonomous mechanisms, hereafter referred to as SCP-578-1. SCP-571 specimens comprise a population of mechanical entities ranging between one (1) to three (3) meters in height, insectoid in appearance and capable of powered flight. Specimens are also highly social; their unity of movement and unanimous ability to innovate when faced with new stimuli may indicate a shared consciousness between SCP-578 and SCP-578-1.

SCP-578-1 specimens are usually observed searching for

The resulting specimens will adopt physical attributes from the last substance consumed by their parent. SCP-578 have spawned viable offspring from a wide variety of organic and inorganic substances, including wood, concrete, steel, and more complex devices such as electronics, automobiles, furniture, and carcasses. SCP-578 specimens do not consume live creatures, and appear to largely ignore any living organism unless directly threatened. They will, however, consume carcasses and dead matter; children spawned from these substances will possess both organic and mechanical attributes. Specimens of SCP-578 have been known to consume live organisms if said organisms possess mechanical augmentation such as prosthetics, hearing aids, or pacemakers.

All members of SCP-578 share several common features, such as the presence of an insect-like carapace that shields the body and cranium. However, SCP-578 specimens may also display a wide range of specialized adaptations depending on the individual. Certain specimens of SCP-578 display specialized appendages not present in other members, and may represent different strains adapted to perform specific tasks among the group. Since ██/██/████, almost all newly-created specimens have been noted to possess four opposable digits on each limb regardless of composition.

Although SCP-578 specimens are not intrinsically hostile towards humans, their destructive behaviour and rapid reproduction rate pose a threat to continued human existence.

Experiment Log

Date Item Results
01/3/20██ A collection of hardcover reference books Specimens composed of densely packed pulp and paper. Hard carapace common to all specimens now composed of cardboard wrapped in cloth. Printer-quality ink arranged in a mottled pattern across the specimen’s body; shifting motion of ink a possible communication method.
06/7/20██ ████████ ██████ sports car. Specimens significantly larger than other instances of SCP-578. While in motion, the specimen emitted black exhaust from exhaust pipes fused into the spine; post-mortem dissection revealed an internal combustion engine located in the specimen’s thorax. Eyes formed from headlights and capable of illumination. Carapace composed of a mixture of lightweight aluminum, fibreglass, and steel. Specimen's bodies decorated with white “racing stripes”, like the original automobile.
09/9/20██ Bovine carcass Subjects displayed both mechanical and organic attributes. Mechanical components are protected by a layer of bone and skin resembling leather. Specimens demonstrated an ability to spray an incapacitating chemical from a retractable udder; chemical analysis showed this liquid to be a mixture of milk and concentrated hydrochloric acid. Specimens observed communicating with other members of SCP-578 through vocalizations commonly made by cows.
08/1/20██ ██████-brand laptop computer Specimens composed primarily of plastic. Tips of limbs and head augmented with non-functional circuit boards. Carapace hinges using clamshell joints. ██████ brand modem located inside brain cavity. Specimens attempted, but failed, to interface with the Foundation's network before their termination. Further testing involving wireless communication-enabled electronics suspended indefinitely.
30/5/20██ Dead sapling Specimen entirely made out of soft wood. Roots and branches anchored carapace to spine. Smooth, curved bark covered head and back. Fully developed vascular system bonded with mechanical sensory apparatus. Face and tail surrounded by leaves; specimen was believed to be capable of photosynthesis.
10/12/20██ ████-brand plasma television Specimen's carapace and eyes formed from a liquid crystal display. Arms and legs formed from electrical cables and partially surrounded by plastic. Functional speakerphone system located in head. Images continually broadcast across SCP-578's carapace and eyes. Specimen communicated with other members of SCP-578 by mimicking audio from a cereal commercial, political attack advertisement, documentary, and several cartoons until termination.
10/12/20██ Dr. ██████████ and his pacemaker (inadvertently consumed during containment breach ██/██/████) Specimen's body consisted of intestines surrounded by bone. Wires from pacemaker fused with an organic central nervous system. Specimen possessed a full grasp of ████████████ and the ability to mimic English words and phrases. Specimen communicated with other members of SCP-578 through garbled English, using contextless quotations from Doctor ██████████.

Document #087-I: Exploration I

Explorers: D-31247 and D-5673

TOD: 6/7/████

D-31247: We're moving towards the factory now. There's an… opening, of some kind. It looks kind of [pause]] alive.

Dr. ████: Alive? Please describe further.

*D-5673**: It keeps moving.

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