SCP-866 “Averager”

SCP-866, before being transfered to Site XX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-886-1 is to be secured in a normal observation chamber, secured and locked. The edges of SCP-886-1 should be at least two meters from the walls of the chamber. SCP-886-2 is to be locked, requiring authorization from two separate level 3 researchers. Any test subjects should be marked in an easily recognizable way, by hair, tattoo or similar.

Description: SCP-886-1 is a stone circle, found in a clearing, surrounded by other stone tiles. The item by itself has no effect on anything placed in it. When it was secured, it was removed in one piece by digging it out of the ground and transferred to Site XX. SCP-886-2 was recovered from the site after it was secured.

The site had been the source of rumors of a cult of some sort, believing in unity. When the site was secured, the site was lightly protected by XX members. They were secured and dispatched with acceptable loss of Foundation personnel. The members were remarkably similar in physical structure. After securing and moving the site, translation began on the tablet. It details a creation legend, and instructions for triggering what it calls, “The Great Equalizing.” The circle is triggered by reading the tablet and XXXX. When triggered, with people standing on the circle, it will average physical traits across the group. Height, weight, skin pigmentation and age, among other traits, will be averaged across the group. Memory is unaffected, and non-natural injuries and modifications such as tattoos, are not affected.

Addiumun 866-A
Site XX which stores SCP-866 has been the target of several attempts at infiltration. The ones who were captured attempted to end their own lives with an ingested cyanide capsule, but Agent XXXX was able to induce vomiting and one was captured and interrogated. The interview reveled that the cult was much larger than first thought. Further research into the cult shows an extreme level of fanaticism and a sense of destiny. Various documents recovered collaborate this, and the prisoner implied a plan to extend the range of SCP-866 exponentially, in an effort to “Smooth the coarse world.” Further questioning revealed nothing of interest.

Autopsy of all the infiltrators revealed almost identical physical traits and an abnormally high number of birth defects, although most of them were minor. Genetic testing showed a predisposition towards high cholesterol, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other genetically determinable traits. Autopsy of the brains revealed possible psychological disease as well.

Addiumum 866-B
In light of recent intelligence, SCP-866 has been raised to Euclid level. A high ranking member of the cult has been captured with acceptable loss of life. She has given a different story about the group’s plan. It is unclear how much of this was true, as she seemed to not have complete control of her mental state. The observing psychologist was confused, as she seemed to have a number of different psychological afflictions, some of which Dr. XXXX had never seen before in one person.

(Interview or summary, talks bout attempts to live forever, control things)

Test 886-1
One Class D told to stand on circle, and the tablet triggered.
Result: Nothing happened.

Test 886-2
Two class D (male) subjects placed on the circle, and the tablet triggered.
Result: A low noise began, and a light flashed. After the light, the two Class Ds were identical in physical appearance, save for hair length, and a number of tattoos D-1 had. A piercing in D-2’s left ear was also not healed. Autopsy revealed their skeletal structures were the same. D-1’s birth defect, a Patent foramen ovale was also seen in D-2, although past physical examination did not show this.

Test 886-3
Two class D, one male one female.
Result: Nothing happens. The circle apparently will only work with same sex groups.

Test 886-4
Four class D, two male, two female.
Result: The male and female groups were averaged. Dr. X was standing close to the edge of the circle, and was effected beyond the predicted range. Her left arm up to the elbow was altered in skin tone and size, the tone fading over approximately 5 cm. After medical analysis, Dr. X was released. The Class D autopsies showed the same identical internal structure between the subjects of the same sex.

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