Trace's Truthbox

I'm just throwing this idea out here to see how people like it. I've tried to follow the formatting loosely, but since I'm more or less new not much effort has been devoted to that…

Classification: Euclid

Object is a standard panel-type cubicle measuring 5x6x8 feet in dimension; upon Foundation intervention was furnished with the following:
solid ash computer desk
hydraulically-adjusted computer chair,
Three (3) artificial plants
telephone set
Two (2) lamps (one floor lamp, one desk lamp)
Steel mesh garbage can
In/Out tray
DSL modem connected to [BRAND REDACTED] computer

On-site testing of the materials showed no irregularities in materials or construction; the computer, when powered on, did not show the normal user interface typical to its brand, but a simple text prompt. Agent [Blockout] was recorded as typing in the phrase "Hello" and hitting return on the keyboard; in response the computer printed the text "No photography." The camera being carried by D-XXXXX ceased to record visual data, but audio logging continued, which D-XXXXX reported.

Agent [Blockout] typed in a second reply, speaking aloud for the benefit of the disabled camera and the other recording devices present.

"Why don't you want to be photographed? … Because I don't like cameras. They are everywhere."

"What is your purpose? … To tell the truth."

"What is the truth? … You are not ready."

"I am not ready for the truth, or the truth is I am not ready? … Both these statements are true. I know the truth, and the truth is that you are not ready."

Agent [Blockout] subsequently disabled the computer and removed it for further testing at SCP facility [Blockout]. However, the device behaved as the manufacturer intended. When returned to the site of discovery and placed in different cubicles this behavior continued; it was only when the device was placed in the original cubicle from which it was taken did the altered activity resume.

Cubicle was identified as the object to be contained. Disassembly occurred and removal to [Blockout] was commenced and completed without incident. Object was reassembled and a PC donated by Agent [Blockout] placed inside atop a simple metal desk. The PC exhibited the same altered behavior as its predecessor.


Following incident SCP-XXX-1a, object is to be held in a 7x8x10 foot concrete cell locked with a standard reinforced steel door. Access is prohibited unless test subjects are accompanied by at least one person with level 2 clearance or higher to prevent abuses. SCP-XXX-1 is to be fitted with a killswitch to shut it down should there be a risk of sensitive information being revealed. Under no circumstances are anyone to ask questions about SCP-055, following incident SCP-XXX-1b. Anyone failing to comply with this directive will be penalized accordingly and appropriately.

SCP-XXX-1 is not to be connected to the internet under any circumstances, nor to any device capable of wireless internet access. Photographic devices are not permitted near SCP-XXX-1 due to being immediately and sometimes destructively disabled (as shown by incident SCP-XXX-1c).

SCP-XXX-1 is permitted to be connected to a standard inkjet printer to disclose results of testing (SCP-XXX-2).


D-ZZZZZ was instructed to ask the PC (hereafter known as SCP-XXX-1) to inquire what the truth was. Response delivered to D-ZZZZZ [DATA EXPUNGED] after which D-ZZZZZ was reassigned to another SCP. Another test subject, D-AAAAA, ordered to ask SCP-XXX to be more specific in the meaning of its function. Object replied that its -desire- was to divulge the truth about whatever input it received. D-AAAAA then asked (on Agent [Blockout]'s behalf as said Agent was not present during this test) why Agent [Blockout] wasn't prepared for the truth.

Object responded [DATA EXPUNGED], following which D-AAAAA was terminated as per procedure.

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