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"The Gas Mask draft 3"
SCP-ZZZ during initial recovery..

Item #: SCP-ZZZ

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZZZ is to be kept in a locked box guarded by two agents at any point in time. Testing involving SCP-ZZZ requires the authorization of Level 4 personnel is to be discontinued indefinitely. Test subjects are to wear a small full-duplex two-way radio underneath SCP-ZZZ to maintain contact with researchers. Testing is no longer to be carried out by D-Class personnel due to the risk of losing SCP-ZZZ. Should test subjects enter any sort of danger, they are to remove SCP-ZZZ immediately.

Description: SCP-ZZZ is a Soviet World War 2-era gas mask. A seal test performed on the object suggests that the object retains its original functionality. The anomalous effects of SCP-ZZZ activate when a human places SCP-ZZZ on their head. Approximately one second after SCP-ZZZ is fully secured on the subject's head, the subject vanishes from view, and is no longer detectable. The subject reports no feeling of motion at this time. Testing has revealed that two-way radios remain capable of both receiving and transmitting despite the subject being undetectable. Upon wearing SCP-ZZZ, test subjects report completely different surroundings than they were in prior to wearing SCP-ZZZ. Subjects have reported that it appears barren and inhospitable, with tall black towers filling the area. Subjects have also sighted entities in this landscape. These entities, designated SCP-ZZZ-1, are have been described as tall, nude humanoids with dark skin that has a thick coat of an unknown viscous substance. Instances of SCP-ZZZ-1 also have large amounts of eyes and mouths covering their body. Upon removing SCP-ZZZ from their head, subjects reappear in the same location they were in when they put it on. For more information, see Test Log ZZZ.

Test Log ZZZ
Test Subject Reported events Notes
D-67393 Subject found herself in building of an unknown black substance. After surveying the room for approximately 15 seconds, subject reportedly heard sounds of movement and removed SCP-ZZZ in a panicked state, reappearing in the test chamber. First test involving SCP-ZZZ to determine its effects. Due to the risk of losing SCP-ZZZ, trained agents are to be used in place of D-Class subjects.
Agent C███████ Agent found himself in the same room described by D-67393. Approximately two minutes were spent exploring the room, which Agent C███████ reports contained multiple hollow black cubes. Agent was capable of descending down the building with running into any interference. Upon reaching the second floor, agent heard sounds from the floor below. Agent hid himself behind one of the black cubes and observed two instances of SCP-ZZZ-1. Agent then removed SCP-ZZZ. First sighting of SCP-ZZZ-1. Agent C███████ reports that he remained undetected by the two instances of SCP-ZZZ-1.
Agent U█████ Agent was selected due to her stealth training. Agent found herself in the same room as Agent C███████ was in when he removed SCP-ZZZ. Sounds of movement were heard on higher floors, prompting the agent to head downstairs and out of the building. Agent reportedly saw many instances of SCP-ZZZ-1 wandering outside of the building. Each individual seemed to have unique mutations, and occasionally uttered low, grating sounds. Agent successfully made her way past more of the structures while avoiding detection. Agent followed four instances of SCP-ZZZ-1 for observation. The group encountered a fifth instance of SCP-ZZZ-1, and one of the group steps forward. Agent observed the two entities violently assault one another, coating the nearby ground and observing entities with unknown fluid and thick viscera. Agent removed SCP-ZZZ. The structure in which D-67393 appeared seems to only be one of many. Due to the violent nature of SCP-ZZZ-1, further exploration will require that agents be armed to defend themselves.
Agent K█████ See Exploration Log ZZZ-D. [REDACTED]

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