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SCP-N shortly after discovery

Item #: SCP-N

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-N is to be contained in its place of discovery. A 4 square km protected area surrounded by a fence is to be maintained at all times. No less than 6 armed guards with IQ level of no more than 110 are to guard the area. No less than 150 liters of fertilizer are to be kept in the area. No additional containment procedures should be maintained. If specimen starts to show signs of being manipulated or exercises other abnormal activities, ████ of ███████ should be applied to soil around the object.

Description: Roots of SCP-N resemble that of an oak tree. Initial shape of its upper part is unknown. Specimen displays mild pliability when exposed to beta waves generated by human brain. It appears to take shape of whatever a human being is thinking of while in contact with a tree. Shaping process is extremely slow so it takes several months of frequent concentration sessions to give it a desired shape. SCP-N drains soil at extremely fast rate during these sessions.
Specimen was discovered in ████████████ after a series of reports about a strange tree house. Recovery group encountered house occupant who claimed to be a 67 years old Chinese citizen. He was cooperative and informed the group about the tree and some of its properties. He insisted that he found this tree in █████████ state three years ago and during these years shaped it into a house to live in. He also insisted that he made tree to support him with all the nourishment he needed although all attempts to make SCP-N produce anything other than timber taken by personnel were unsuccessful.

Addendum: Reclassified as Euclid

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