Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be contained within a 12x6cm container and kept out of the hands of any Class-D personal. If a Class-D manages to acquire the device immediate removal of head and then device, followed by termination of Class-D personal is required.

Description: SCP-XXXX was found in a bombed out medical facility deep in a German forest. The device which appears to have been an essential device for a Trepanning medical procedure was found attached to a [DATA EXPUNGED], which was still alive an conscious. When Agent ███████ attempted to move the [DATA EXPUNGED] his brain functions immediately ceased and he died.

The [DATA EXPUNGED] was moved to site-██ where the device was removed from the [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon removal the [DATA EXPUNGED] ceased functions and touching it no longer resulted in death. The properties given to the [DATA EXPUNGED] were caused by the Trepanning apparatus. Test will be held to make acquisition of full abilities.

Addendum: ██/██/20██ Dr.████████ Experimentation:

██:██pm: Object was presented to D-5264. While holding or touching SCP-XXXX no changes to subject occured.

██:██pm: D-5264 was ordered to attach apparatus to head. D-5264 failed to comply with demands and Agent ██████ attached the device by force. Upon attachment no visible changes occurred to D-5246. He did state a feeling of relaxation fell over him.

██:██pm Agent ██████ attempted to removed the device after several hours and upon touching D-5246's skin died.

██:██am D-5246 has killed [DATA EXPUNGED] Agents. A firing squad has been requested to terminate D-5246.

██:██am The firing squad arrived and immediately attempted to terminate D-5246. The subject survived the first series of shots from the M16's being used by the firing squad though still retained damage to body and felt the pain of the shots.

██:██am-██:██pm Subject D-5246 has been deemed immortal after be exposed to several deadly means.

Subject D-5246 was: Lit on fire, crushed by large metal weight, fed to [[SCP-682]], and many other attempts to terminate the subject. Each failed.

██:██pm D-5246's head was finally and carefully removed and then SCP-XXXX was carefully removed and placed in a appropierate carrying case and then stored in Dr.████████'s personal locker at Site-██.

personal note by Dr.████████: SCP-XXXX seems to render the wearer immortal and give him the ability to kill all who touch his skin. This device is therefore to be locked away in my personal locker until further testing is done. If it falls into the wrong hands, well the effects could be extremely detrimental.

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