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SCP-000, emptied, atop the [DATA EXPUNGED] site rec-room television

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-000 Is to be contained in a standard lockbox in storage area 7-2J. Permission from level 3 research staff is required for removal. [See Incident 000 A] SCP-000 is to remain in a public space at all times (e.g. Foundation recreation areas, break rooms, etc.) All employees must be instructed that they are completely entitled to SCP-000 and its contents regardless of security level, rank, or clearance. No deterrent, no matter how minimal, should be put between the object and anyone aware of its existence.

In the event any SCP employee shows prolonged interest in SCP-000, or attempts to deny anyone else from access to it, he/she should be directed to on-site psychiatric staff.


SCP-000 is a 12 inch high, 4 inch wide dodecagonal prism-shaped blue glass preserves jar of two [See Incident 000 A] three abnormal qualities. The lid, attached with a white rubber sealing ring, can be locked in place by a simple metallic clasp on the rim. Testing revealed the material components to be unremarkable.

At any time SCP-000 is 38-71% filled with a clear, gelatinous liquid. When removed from the jar this substance becomes inert, possessing no unique qualities. While still within it imbues longevity to whatever it surrounds. The consensus of combined testing (documented below) have shown organic material to almost entirely stop being affected by decomposition, contamination, and age.

SCP-000 will apparently produce its own array of contents when not utilized. At the time of retrieval, the jar contained:

One (1) Saltine Cracker. Peanut butter smeared on right bottom corner.
Three (3) small birds balled together (Later identified as a dish known as "Ortolan").
One (1) crumpled, partially chewed section of notebook paper. Crude, grade school poetry in pencil on one side. No connection to SCP-000 present in writing (deciphered to be about giraffes).
Four (4) carpenter ants. Deep fried.
One (1) M&M chocolate candy. Red.
One (1) Human finger. Middle, Indian decent, two rings still attached. Fingerprint belonging to [DATA EXPUNGED] , deceased twelve years previous, natural causes. Finger appears to show little sign of age, let alone decomposition.
One (1) toe nail clipping. Big toe.
Two (2) Christie brand chocolate chip cookies. One half eaten. Dental impressions have revealed no person of interest.
One (1) Maple leaf. SCP-000 recovered in mid November, leaf appears green and healthy despite current climate.

Objects showed a uniform quality of wrinkling, much like over-hydrated skin. After preliminary examination, the jar was emptied and moved to low-security storage. During weekly inventory of all retrieved items, SCP-000 was found full. Contents once again varied, carrying only the common quality in being, strictly speaking, edible. Video feeds showed no tampering of SCP-000, and could not pinpoint time of alteration.

The "swapping cycle", when not performed manually, occurs every six to seventy two days. The items contained with SCP-000 vanish within the dense goo, replaced in moments with another set.

SCP-XXX ALPHA - Complete listing of items of interest removed from SCP-XXX LINK

TEST SCP-XXX ALPHA - Preliminary experiment log for SCP-XXX LINK

Retrieved from the apartment of James Brian-Wilkins, construction worker, infamous victim of the "Murderous Mass" serial homicide. Mr. Brian Wilkins retrieved SCP-000 from the basement of a suburban home once belonging to Mrs. [DATA EXPUNGED], deceased. After twelve years of decay, and no relative or inheritor coming forward, the house was demolished for the sake of neighborhood beautification. Mr. Brian Wilkins was later murdered by all twenty-seven of his co-workers, who in turn killed each other one by one over the next week (the sole survivor discovered in The Laurentian Mountains days later cradling SCP-000, comatose from head injury).

Addendum - Incident 000 - A demands overview of containment procedures. Upgrade to Elucid status approved.

Incident 000 - A LINK

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