Truth 3

Incident 000 - A

During its year-long containment, only three marked incidents of harm have been caused by SCP-000. The first is detailed in [Incident Report CE-04] (see test log), and the second a mild shock, as Dr. Malhotra realized a new bottom-floating addition to SCP-000 had become a staggeringly graphic depiction of a young woman being violated in gummy candy, movement generated by an internal windup clockwork hard candy.

The last incident details SCP-000's third, final (to date), and most dangerous capability.
After the primary stages of tests A - F had been finalized, and re-classification was submitted (see test log) SCP-000 was returned to its containment unit for basic observation. Within several weeks, every employees who had encountered SCP-000 developed rising, recurring interest in the object. It's location, status, and contents became a constant topic amongst those who'd been in direct visual contact. Dr. [BLACKBOX] soon after attempted to retrieve SCP-000 without test authorization. All assigned staff were removed to quarantine, and a second research group began study.

Two main facts arose soon after psychiatric evaluation of the first team. Firstly, those under the jars "spell" had no reasoning for their desire. Most wouldn't elaborate further then "I just want it, alright?". The second being, by fluke alone revealed, that a person's fascination completely dissipates when the jar, and its contents, are no longer taboo. Once a person is allowed access SCP-000 without resistance a normal reaction of general disgust occurs. Indeed, one of the retrieval team member's opinion of the jar turned a truly staggering 180, from a near violent demand for SCP-000 to, at the instant of agreement, fleeing the room and expressing the sincere desire to never come in contact with it ever again. Dr. [BLACKBOX] clearly refused when offered SCP-000, and quickly suffered severe dehydration from uncontrollable vomiting.

Unfortunately, a technical oversight demonstrated the true range of SCP-000's abilities. [DATA EXPUNGED] (hereafter referred to as Bill), sanitation worker, interacted with the object from passing gossip before SCP-000's "allure" was discovered. Bill was assigned to the upkeep of Storage 7-2 J, but not permitted direct access to the objects. On ||/||/||||, at ||:||, using a stolen clearance card, Bill removed SCP-000 from the staff lounge.

Not until ||:|| was the theft discovered. Half an hour later, Bill was located curled around SCP-000 at the base of the [DATA EXPUNGED] sector stairwell. Medical staff arrived within minutes, pronouncing him dead. The diagnosis was plainly evident (especially to Dr. [BLACKBOX], currently on extended health leave). His stomach had bloated to roughly 156% its usual size, which autopsy revealed to contain a staggering number of miscellaneous, but digestible objects. His skin had gone flush despite the lack of circulation, clothes soaked with cold sweat. The cause of death was revealed, surprisingly, to not have been the gross level of consumption. Lodged partially down Bill's throat was a half-frozen frog, identified as a member of the "Atelopus longirostris" or "Jambato" species, previously considered extinct.

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