"A" marking action taken.
"O" marking initial observation during the course of study.
"R" marking reaction/result.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra, ███████ Security, D-9921.

(A) One quarter slice of Granny Smith apple is placed inside SCP-000. To be left for seven hours, then given to a D class personnel instructed to consume it.

(O) Slice floats just below the surface of the liquid. Within minutes a series of wrinkles appear along the fruit piece. Object shrinks 2%.

(R) The slice is removed. Left alone, the wrinkles disappear and previous size returns. D-Class is instructed to consume the slice. Subject comments it as tasting "disgusting" and "like bile". No change in physical or mental health observed.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra, ███████ Security, D-9964.

(A) A second Granny Smith apple slice is placed in the jar and left for the same period of time. Once removed, the slice is washed thoroughly. A new D class personnel is instructed to consume it.

(O) Identical results as TEST A.

(R) The slice is removed. Same return to previous dimensions and appearance. Subject reports no objectionable taste, and remarks that the fruit is "dry, but tasty".

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. [BLACKBAR], Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra.

(A) A solid, one inch around ball of industrial grade iron is dropped into SCP-000. To be left for ten days, then removed.

(O) Ball falls to the very bottom. Surprisingly similar results as those from test A. The ball, despite its composition, shows severe signs of structural fluctuation, gaining the same wrinkled appearance as the apple slices. No size difference observed.

(R) Once removed, a full twenty-seven minutes pass before the wrinkles completely dissipate. Object left for observation.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ AM - Iron sphere has almost entirely disintegrated. The bulk has eroded to a coarse metal powder, small chunks remain that break at the smallest amount of force applied. Further testing is approved.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra.

(A) All current objects within SCP-000 removed, logged, and incinerated. A blue plastic cube, 1.5² Inches, is dropped in. To be left until the object initiates it's "cycle".

(O) Item sinks partially down. Typical to all previous recorded instances. No anomalies.

(R) The cube, the only object within SCP-000, disappears in five days. A new rotation of items, numerous and mundane, now reside. Request submitted for permission to branch into testing for potential disposal of dangerous SCPs that accommodate the size limits.
Permission to consider SCP-000 as potential disposal of dangerous materials.

UPDATE █/█/20█ █:█ AM - Request denied pending further testing.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra.

(A) One live, healthy white rodent is dropped into SCP-000 by the tail. A connected series of neurodes are to be connected at all times to monitor it's circulatory system and mental activity. To be left for four days, then removed.

(O) Creature sinks halfway down. Once submerged, frantic movements continued for several seconds. After this point, all motion halted. Heartbeat stopped instantly, and all brain functions cut off. All attached equipment fails within several seconds. Creasing seen in previous tests present on both the mouse and wiring, along with all equipment directly exposed to SCP-000's liquid.

(R) Testing equipment, once removed and cleaned, resumed normal functionality. The same was seen from the rodent. At 12.4 minutes, autonomic and cerebral activity resumed. Beyond negligible trembling, the mouse was in perfect health, and then moved for continued examination.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ AM - Mouse shows signs of diminished motor skills. Reduced consumption of food and water. Both the subject, and other lab rodents seem to deliberately avoid each other even in a confined space (Panic, and unrest is seen when forced together, and both parties retreat to opposite corners when left alone).

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ PM - Five days after Test D was concluded. Rodent subject shows unexplainable signs of "myotonia congenita" or fainting goat syndrome. Periods of muscle tension and immobility are erratic, but episodes are increasing hourly.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ AM - Rodent subject is dead. Remains are autopsied revealing nothing unusual. Remains are incinerated.

UPDATE: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further use of test animals prohibited.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra, ███████ Security, D-4002.

(A) All items currently residing in SCP-000 are removed, logged, and incinerated. D-4002 is instructed to place his lower arm into the jar. Arm is to be removed fifteen minutes later, pending unforeseen complications.

(O) Once submerged, subject comments feeling mild discomfort, then total numbness (D-4002 Log Note "It's like when you're at the dentist, that stuff they give you when they have to pull a tooth. I can't move my fingers. What is it?"). No abnormal effects above the submerged portion observed.

(R) Arm appears shrunken and wrinkled when removed, bordering from the point of submersion. Feeling and mobility restored soon after. Subject placed under isolated surveillance.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ PM - Subject reports mild irritation around exposed section. Flaking and rash present attributed to prolonged scratching. Subject deemed safe, and re-assigned to additional Class D duties.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ PM - Subject terminated during the[DATA EXPUNGED] breach. Unrelated to SCP-000 testing. No remains large or solid enough left to analyze.

█/█/20█ █:█ AM
PERSONEL: Dr. █████, Dr. North, Dr. Malhotra, ███████ Security, D-6742.

(A) Test is repeated with a new D Class personnel, but is instructed to keep his arm inside the jar indefinitely. D-6742 is to keep the limb inside until the "cycle".

(O) Identical to Test E, no adverse health issues from prolonged submersion. The D-6742 complains about the situation, and continued numbness. The jar is brought with the subject through all his daily activities with no change in behavior (excluding Incident CE-04 when the subject attempted to use the jar to bludgeon an observing staff member, which is more a matter of means. Like many D-class personnel, the subject has a history of violence).

(R) █/█/20█ █:█ AM, the cycle initiates. D-6742's arm is entirely gone, replaced with objects of the usual nature. Above the rim of liquid skin, muscle and bone are cleanly severed. D-6742 continued to nap. When awoken, he subject did not appear alarmed (having not yet noticed he was missing an appendage). Once D-6742 moved, and what was left of his arm had left the surface of SCP-000, it bleed profusely, and the subject began to scream. Staff restrained, sedated, and administered medical aid promptly.

UPDATE: █/█/20█ █:█ PM - Subject, while irritable, is healthy negating the missing limb. Due to his diminished capacity he is currently assigned to the maintenance and clean-up division for Keter class SCPs.

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