Speak, friend, and enter.

City wide and city wet,
City east and city west,
A city you easily forget,
A history you can’t divest.

A hostile bench to stave off threats,
Imagined by who never knew,
Spikes keep you upright yet,
Sitting isn’t free for you.

Street art and graffiti bright,
Over ads and corporate walls,
Outshine for us the city lights,
They claim it’s how culture falls.

Down the backstreet,
Up the pipe,
Keep your pace fleet,
And eyes right.

Find the door that isn’t there,
No buildings hostile here,
Enter with a communal air,
And all intentions clear.

Recite the poem at a door,
Abandoned, free from sight,
At any home’s first floor,
Not that of corporate blight.

Walk through a forgotten place,
A city as it was before,
Old homes and parks and ways,
A place for families past,

Walk past people as they were,
A society as it was before,
People play and eat and drink,
A group that didn't last.

Enter, a library of wonders,
Secrets, to be shared,
In this place magic thunders,
Keeping the Way we all have fared.

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