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Pic. 1 Forensic photography of SCP-872-1 and SCP-872-2 at their discovery site

Item #: SCP-782

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-782-1 and SCP-782-2 are stored in black polypropylene containment bags, shielded by an aluminium layer on their inside to prevent eavesdropping, and located in a titanium safe box, 30 x 30 x 10 cms in size at Site-19, secured with a biometric lock to be opened only for O5 clearance-level members and authorized researchers. Should a researcher need to investigate the SCP, authorization is required from personnel of Level 4 or above with L103 clearance for research activities. All experiments are to be supervised by Dr. ████████.

Description: SCP-782-1 and SCP-782-2 consist of two soft cover ruled pocket notebooks, brand █████████, 128 leaves each, 14 x 9 cm, written with blue-ink pen both in Norwegian and Spanish. They are almost completely filled with text, equations and diagrams authored by a presumed █████████ █████████. They were found at an abandoned property in ██ █████, Buenos Aires, Argentina by a couple of urban explorers on ██/█/1986. After containment by Reconnaissance Force Kappa-6, MTF Delta-5 and MTF Gamma-5, Ø-D12 neurological sanitization was implemented on the witnesses and analysis procedures were started at [DATA EXPUNGED].

Preliminary analysis stated that SCP-782-1 is a formal demonstration of a higher-dimensional time-space-[DATA EXPUNGED] plane (which was called E12 by the author ) where, according to the equations on it, the human "consciousness" phenomena is located; as for the second main subject on SCP-782-1, it is the demonstration of what the author calls the ████ axis, a set of cartesian-like axes for locating a determinate subject's consciousness coordinates on the E12 plane; this means knowing where somebody's consciousness is. SCP-782-2 is a continuation of the topics on SCP-782-1, it has some ethical considerations on it and focuses mainly on a set of equations that describes the relationship between the consciousness coordinates and "pre-facto paths" that allows to (quoting SCP-782-2) "see what a certain individual thought on a specific past time".

Further experimentation proved that these mathematical and physical equations are correct. The ██████ Research Group on █████████ has positively identified a higher-dimensional existence plane, where abstract entities [DATA EXPUNGED] humans, making possible conscious life as we know it. The SCP Foundation has already made contact with these lifeforms; it has been proven that they all are peaceful and willing to cooperate. Research and exploration of that space has started under SCP Foundation's memberboard approval, Dr. Ernst has been designed as SCP-782 Research Team Leader and started his duties on ██/█/1989. An E12 CLC positioning device has been designed and prototyped, and the testing stage has finished; first industrial use is scheduled ██/██/ 2011. See Addendum I for proposed technologies based on SCP-782.

Addendum I - SCP-782-based technologies and uses being researched

  • Consciousness Containment Chamber (3C). Use: isolation of deviant or dangerous SCPs' consciousness and containment in a extra-dimensional facility. Design phase started
  • Memetic Behavior Nullifier (MBN) device. Use: since the consciousness is the base for memetic lifeforms to exist, it's been theorized that these can be either stopped or destroyed by removing their conscious support. Prototype designed
  • Psychic data mining. Use: location and collection of hidden/blocked/forgotten information on an SCP or subject's consciousness using AI and computer algorithms. Research in progress
  • E12 metamaterial. Matter states are present on E12 and samples had been materialized, although lacking of certain properties due to our space-time characteristics. Research in progress

UPDATE: the Foundation's memberboard has extended a memo on ██/██/2011 stating that, after the first scheduled field test of this technology, dedicated research must be done on the [DATA EXPUNGED] plane, since its understanding will help the SCP Foundation gain more resources and develop better containment/security procedures. Full cooperation from the lifeforms on the research is being pursued.

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