Tyenkrovy's Composition Book

Various Half-Baked SCP Ideas

• Juvenile World Turtle

SCP-XXX in its enclosure at Site █

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in its habitat at all times, a 10m-by-5m-by-5m enclosure with three 2m thick steel-reinforced concrete walls and one wall of 1m thick glass for observation. SCP-XXX is to be fed exactly █ kg of cactus and grasses per day.

Description: SCP-XXX resembles an unnaturally large specimen of Geochelone nigra, measuring 5m long from the end of its snout to the tip of its tail, and weighing 1480 kg. Growing upon the subject's domed-type dorsal shell surface are what appear to be small, woody plants. However, genetic testing has revealed the plants to be miniature members of various tree species. Also present is evidence of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The implications of this are, as of yet, unknown.

Upon capture by the Foundation, SCP-XXX was smaller, being about twice the size and weight of an average member of Geochelone nigra. It was initially given unrestricted access to food in its original, smaller enclosure at Site █, as personnel were unaware of its ability to attain a much larger size. Within █ weeks, SCP-XXX had increased in size and mass by nearly ██%. Access to food has since been restricted to a level at which it is satiated yet remains at its current size.

Examination of subject's anatomy indicates that it is a true hermaphrodite, theoretically capable of asexual reproduction via self-impregnation. However, examination also revealed that SCP-XXX is sexually immature, and cannot yet reproduce. The likelihood of other members of SCP-XXX's species existing in the wild is cause for concern, as the upper limit of the subject's size is unknown, as is the speed at which it could reproduce.

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