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SCP—1845-3,1,4 and 2.

Item #: SCP-1845

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1845-1, SCP-1845-2 and SCP-1845-3 are to be kept in separate rooms measuring 2x3x3 metres constructed using materials of extremely low water content. The rooms are to be equipped with video surveillance and a humidity detector. Room humidity must be carefully maintained at 50% through a conditioning system. If the humidity of the room drops below 30%, security forces are to be placed on alert. The alert is only to be lifted if humidity rises above 30% once more. If humidity drops below 15% then the Neutralisation Protocol outlined below is to be followed in order to ensure the safety of all personnel in the facility.

In addition, a live or recently deceased animal weighing over 150Kg is to be placed in the room once every three (3) days. The carcass is only to be removed during the next iteration of the process. During this process two security personnel are to stand guard outside the room while a further two D-Class personnel deposit the animal and retrieve the previous one. This process is to be carried out systematically from SCP-1845-1 to SCP-1845-2 to SCP-1845-3. Any deviation from the order of execution will be met with severe consequences.

SCP-1845-4 is to be kept in secure storage in the lab of Dr. ██████ with access provided only to the doctor. Any others wishing to study SCP-1845-4 must attain the doctor's express permission.

Description: SCP-1845 consists of four mummified children discovered at an ex [REDACTED] site in 03-04-20██. The internal organs of the children have been removed consistent with ancient Egyptian mummification however the traces of other materials used to decorate them are inconsistent with those used during that period and are much more contemporary (circa mid-1800s). The mummies are capable of movement despite asolute muscle atrophy and appear to be sentient, although their lack of observable communication makes confirming this difficult. In spite of this, they are somehow able to co-ordinate their attacks, which sometimes involves childlike 'playful' behaviour before the victim is killed. The species of the victim appears to be of no concern to SCP-1845 but they will only attack creatures above a certain size or weight. Such parameters differ according to kill and seem to be determined by the length of time since their last kill.

SCP-1845 attacks by surrounding a target (with a varying scale of efficiency versus 'fun') and, using whatever weapons are at hand, (often SCP-1845-3 is used) they incapacitate the target. Killing does not seem to be a requirement or a detriment to the following process. Upon the disabling of the prey, SCP-1845 will absorb all the moisture from their body. Contact is not needed for this process. The process takes around 100 seconds if all four mummies are present, increasing by approximately 15 seconds if one of them is not present (NOTE: Current estimates are down to 105 seconds following the 'death' of SCP-1845-4, They're adapting - Dr. ██████) The process causes SCP-1845 to enter a regenerative state, during which they [DATA EXPUNGED]. They emerge from this regeneration with increased strength and mobility which fades over time, necessitating repeated 'feeding.'

Solid sustenance does not appear to be a requirement for SCP-1845.

It has been observed that this process can happen with a fully functional victim if SCP-1845 is near them long enough for it to take place. SCP-1845 has been observed to simply group around sleeping targets until the process is complete.

The process used to absorb moisture from its victims also allows SCP-1845 to absorb moisture from inanimate objects, however the amount of moisture gained often seems to be insufficient for SCP-1845's needs. The process often causes the object in question to become brittle and twisted.

Addendum 1: SCP-1845 seems to follow a hierarchy, outlined as understood:

SCP-1845-1 is the leader who makes most of the decisions and orders the others around.
SCP-1845-2 is usually the bait when it comes to luring human victims as it is the only one capable of any form of vocalisation. How it achieves this is unknown but it is only capable of rudimentary crying.
SCP-1845-3 seems to be the 'muscle' of the group and can be observed being used by the others as a weapon.
SCP-1845-4's role is unknown but SCP-1845-1 can be observed taking care of it as a mother would a child. (Currently 'deceased' following an altercation with SCP-1845-3, the result of which was infighting and the eventual segregation of the individual mummies).

This numbering is based on the observation of active and intense hostilities if one of the 'lesser' mummies is attended to before one of the 'greater' ones.

Addendum 2: The Neutralisation Protocol for SCP-1845 is as follows: [PENDING REVISION FOLLOWING THE BREACH OF SCP-1845-1'S CONTAINMENT FACILITY.]

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