Unassuming Soap
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-XXXX are to be housed in water-proof, secure containers. These containers are to be sent to Site ██ upon documentation of their contents. Direct contact with skin is to be avoided at all costs. Tests involving any form of aqueous solution are forbidden unless Level-2 corrosion-resistant suits are worn. Access to instances of SCP-XXXX must be authorized and supervised by an on-site personnel with clearance Level 2 or higher.

If contact is established between an instance of SCP-XXXX and bare skin, any and all contaminated personnel are to be quarantined immediately, and have any infected appendages amputated. Amputation appears to be the only means of counteracting the anomalous effects on biological matter. If the area of exposure is incapable of being amputated, affected persons are to be terminated and their remains cremated. Psychological evaluations are to be administered to contaminated personnel upon being released from quarantine.

Description: Instances of SCP-XXXX are tan coloured, 10 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm bars of honey-scented soap. The objects bear no visible markings or insignia. The composition of any such object object, when subjected to various chemical testing, comes back positive for goat's milk, lye, and trace amounts of [REDACTED]. When SCP-XXXX comes into contact with no less than 15 mL of water, its anomalous properties begin to manifest.

Contact with inorganic materials beyond this point yields no reaction beyond a soap residue covering point of contact. When coming into contact with bare flesh, the object grows increasingly caustic in nature as it begins to [REDACTED], causing all localized pain receptors to effectively fire off past the limit of sending an individual into shock. Despite this, individuals maintaining contact with SCP-XXXX report feeling no pain from exposure. Maintained exposure ensures that the affected area begins to take on a pale discoloration as the layers of skin [DATA EXPUNGED].

Recovery Log: The first instance of SCP-XXXX was discovered on July ██, 20██ in the city of ██████, Texas. Residents of a local home were found [REDACTED]; they were ultimately terminated to prevent exposure to the local populace. Non-personnel in the area were administered Class B amnestics.

Addendum 1: Repeated instances have begun to appear throughout the world, ranging from ███████, Georgia to █████, Japan. Attempts at containing recent outbreaks have been met with continued success, although any such distributor of SCP-XXXX has not been located. As of April ██, 20██, there have been ██ outbreaks with a total of █ survivors. Survivors have expressed [DATA EXPUNGED].

Note: Current rates of acquisition have shown a steady increase in the number of SCP-XXXX instances over the years. Extrapolations on this rate give us roughly ███ years before the sheer number of instances appearing becomes a serious threat; this doesn't mean we get to sit on our asses. Let's find an origin and nip this thing in the bud, folks. -Dr. █████

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