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SCP-673-X's current form.

Item #: SCP-673
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-673, it cannot be contained. As of this writing, SCP-673-7 occupies an abandoned warehouse. Entrances and exits to SCP-673-X containment areas are to be reinforced with suitably strong materials (steel and concrete preferred). SCP-673-7 is currently guarded by two standard security personnel. SCP-673-7 requires minimal maintenance, but repairs to the warehouse interior are to be performed as needed.

New specimens of SCP-673-X are to be located, captured and brought to containment. Unauthorised witnesses are to be given Class A amnesiacs to remove memories of the capture operations.

Description: SCP-673 is an unknown phenomenon which affects the corpses, skeletons and other remains (including fossils) of extinct animals. SCP-673-X is the primary focus of this phenomenon, currently the skeleton of a Megatherium (ground sloth) (SCP-673-7). Affected remains are animate and sapient, but lacking normal signs of life.

Specimens of SCP-673-X lack the ability to feel pain, but otherwise have normal sensory abilities. Specimens do not require any form of sustenance and extremely minimal maintenance. Even fragile fossils (such as SCP-673-2) affected by SCP-673 are relatively resistant to damage while under the effects of the phenomenon.

SCP-673 only affects one specimen at a time; however, the current form of SCP-673-X may 'deactivate' itself for unknown reasons. Readings of the incidents show large amounts of alpha and beta particles released during the events.

List of SCP-673-X's previous forms:
SCP-673-1: Mummified remains of a [DATA EXPUNGED]. Considered too large a drain on the Foundation's resources, and was decomissioned on [REDACTED].
SCP-673-2: Fossilised Meganeura. SCP-673 recomissioned after successful capture. Escaped during a security breach caused by [REDACTED]. Destroyed during attempted recontainment by SCP-███, triggering another security breach leading to the loss of ██ personnel.
SCP-673-3: Block of petrified wood. [REDACTED] incinerated [DATA EXPUNGED]. Personnel responsible reassigned or terminated as appropriate.
SCP-673-4: Partial remains of a moa. Was 'deactivated' in the process of SCP-673-5's creation. Remains now stored in standard conditions for anomalous animal remains.
SCP-673-5: Fossilised Carnotaurus. [DATA EXPUNGED] significant casualties. Termination authorised by 05 command after security risk was deemed too high.
SCP-673-6: Skeleton of a thylacine (tasmanian tiger). 'Deactivated' in the process of SCP-673-7's creation. Remains now stored in standard conditions for anomalous animal remains.

Researcher's Notes
SCP-673 doesn't seem especially dangerous. Requesting reclassification to Safe. - Researcher ██████
Request denied. 673-7 could be considered Safe, but 673 itself is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. We learned that the hard way with 673-5. - Dr █████

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