Unlimited Power (SCP-UP)

Item: "Unlimited Power"

Image of SCP-UP-1: http://www.blasterstool.com/images/products/detail/Energizer_AAAA_E92.jpg

Object Class - Safe

Special Containment Procedures – SCP-UP requires no specific restraining or containment facilities, and when not in operation, SCP-UP's components are be stored in a standard locked case stored in Site-[SENSITIVE DATA EXPUNGED]. Under NO circumstances must any water come into contact with any of SCP-UP at risk of electrocution.

Description: SCP-UP appears to be a set of nine (9) Energizer-brand batteries of variable type and wear. There are three (3) AAA type batteries, four (4) AA type batteries, and two (2) D type batteries. Each battery is designated the name SCP-UP-1, SCP-UP-2, etc.

SCP-UP’s components are notably more weighted than non-anomalous instances of the batteries, and are much more resistant to pressure and physical
The batteries display no anomalous effects until they are inserted into an appropriate battery socket. However, upon placing inside of a battery socket, the device housing the batteries will immediately switch on with no interaction with the switch or lever of the device.

The batteries appear to have no limit to their electrical energy, and when in effect, will show acute signs of electrochemiluminescence (although this effect is varies in occurrence). The longest period recorded for active operation of an SCP-UP unit is 27 years (See Addendum UP-01).

The battery’s effect does not cease until it is physically removed from the device, and the switch on the device has no effect on whether the device is activated. There is notably some extra resistance from the batteries upon removal; however, it is not a tedious task doing so.

Addendum UP-01:
The following tests were recorded to examine the actual lengths of the battery’s power.

Test 01 – 05.11.86
Subject: SCP-UP-1 and SCP-UP-2 (both AAA type), one (1) Texas-Instruments-brand █████-model pocket calculator.
Procedure: SCP-UP-1 and SCP-UP-2 inserted into the battery sockets of one (1) Texas Instruments-brand pocket calculator.
Results: The calculator is fully operational and calculates sums 0.██ of a second faster than calculators with standard batteries.

Test 02 – 09.22.91
Subject: SCP-UP-8 (D type battery), one (1) ██████-brand (now disbanded) flashlight.
Procedure: Removing the battery protection cap from the flashlight, inserting SCP-UP-8 into the socket and replacing the cap.
Results: The flashlight’s light beam is estimated to be ██% brighter than those with standard batteries.

Test 03 – ██.██.98
Subject: SCP-UP-█
Procedure: Placing SCP-UP-█ into [DATA EXPUNGED].
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED], three (3) Class-D personnel terminated.

Analysis of testing:
We have determined from examination and testing that the batteries not only seem to have a permanent duration, but make the device that they are powering approximately 1/█ more efficient. We’re still scratching our heads at how this could possibly work, but research is underway.
- Dr. S██████, supervisor of testing.

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