Unspace Interview

Interviewed: Agent José Manuel Perez

Interviewer: Dr. James Gilpin, Colonel James O'Neil

Foreword: Agent Perez has re-emerged from what he claims to be an alternate world (later classified as SCP-195) after spending what he claims to have been two weeks walking from his place of disappearance to his home in the suburbs of ████████████████.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Giplin: Agent Perez, are you aware of the date?

Agent Perez: Yes, sir. 19██-██-██.

Dr. Gilpin: No, Agent Perez. That was four years ago. Do you have any recollections of the intervening time?

Agent Perez: Sir, it was only two weeks ago that I fell in a sinkhole while chasing SCP-███.

Colonel O'Neil: No, Agent. That was four years ago, and since then, you have been declared MIA, presumed killed. Your mother was notified a month after you went missing, and your security clearance was revoked.

Agent Perez: Díos mío… <inclines head for a moment, visibly agitated>

Dr. Gilpin: Please, tell us what happened.

Agent Perez: I was chasing SCP-███ through the streets of █████████████, when the ground caved in under me. There must have been a sinkhole under there. When I came to, I thought I was still where I fell, but the scenery seemed strange when I climbed back out …

Dr. Gilpin: How so?

Agent Perez: Everything was gray. There were no colors anywhere. I couldn't see my squadmates, so I thought I should make my way back to the entry point, but there was no one there. Not even the APCs. I figured something was wrong, since I can't have been out long enough for them to give up the search.

Colonel O'Neil: We nixed the search operation after four hours, when your body wasn't found and you didn't answer calls. We assumed you got taken by the bastard.

Agent Perez: I can't have been out for four hours. When I saw the vehicles missing, I thought something was wrong, so I started walking back towards the center of the city. Figured I'd call for help from there. But everywhere I looked, everything was gray, even the trees, and there wasn't a single sound anywhere. It was unnerving. After walking for about half an hour, I figured I should be near the center, or at least the outskirts. I saw the chapel we passed on our way out there, so I walked towards it. Funny thing was, there were no people around. Not a soul, not even animals.

Colonel O'Neil: I remember that chapel, it was right by a busy street. Were there no cars?

Agent Perez: Not one, senor. And I never reached the chapel either.

Dr. Gilpin: What do you mean?

Agent Perez: I don't know. One moment I was walking towards it, the next moment I was walking somewhere else.

Dr. Gilpin: Maybe your conscious blacked out?

Agent Perez: <shouting> I'M NOT CRAZY!

Colonel O'Neil: Agent Perez, stand down!

Agent Perez: I'm sorry, sir. But I didn't walk there. There were no footprints behind me, even though it was desert as far as I could see. But not a single footprint.

Dr Gilpin: Okay, how about we cut to the end. How did you get back home?

Agent Perez: I have a picture of my house, I took it when I bought it, and I always carry it with me. <produces a faded photograph of a suburban home from his pocket> I kept thinking "I have to go home". I kept walking, but every time I got near some place, the place jumped around me, and I was somewhere else. <subject grows agitated> And there wasn't a soul around. Madre mía, nobody around anywhere! Not a single human being! Díos mío, todo ha muerte! <subject begins crying uncontrollably> Toda la gente … muerte …

Colonel O'Neil: <shouting> Agent Perez, get a hold of yourself!

<Subject keeps crying, non-responsive. Colonel O'Neil shakes him by his shoulders, to no effect, then punches him across the face>

Dr. Gilpin: That was unnecessary.

<Subject composes himself slowly, appears ready to continue>

Agent Perez: Gracias, sir. It took me a while, but I finally found my way back to my home, but when I got there, the place was deserted too, like every other place. <subject shudders> I thought it was the end, so I took another look at the photograph, before I shot myself. I kept one round in my sidearm, sir. I kept one for myself. Last resort. If I needed it. I had a whole clip remaining, but the last one was for me, like they taught me.

Colonel O'Neil: Focus, agent!

Agnet Perez: Sorry. I took out the photograph, and took one last look at it, remembering the place, as I brought my pistol up to my head. And then, I was home. I don't know how, I just appeared there. Everyone was looking at me. I was afraid I was hallucinating so I …

Colonel O'Neil: <interrupting> That concludes the interview, Agent Perez. Go to the psych ward for your evaluation.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Perez was subsequently reinstated into Foundation service, but psychical examination uncovered a curios co-morbidity of mild agoraphobia, severe claustrophobia, and an irrational fear of going downwards (eg. a flight of stairs or a ladder) without company, in addition to temporary loss of color perception and a dulled sense of time. Despite these issues, he was deemed fit for field service once again, if accompanied by at least one other agent.

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