Vae Victus
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Footage of SCP-270, at site of capture

Item #: SCP-270

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-270 is to be contained at all times within an enclosure 15m x 15m in area and heated to a temperature of 29ºC. Enclosure is located 15m beneath the ground, and should be at least 15m from any other corridors or tunnels. Enclosure is to be monitored at all times by optical and thermal imaging cameras. Access is via a single corridor which is seperated from the enclosure by a reinforced steel door. A second steel door is placed inside the corridor, 12m from the enclosure. Access corridor is equipped with remote-activated gas dispensers. Following incident 270-a, these are loaded with cyanogen chloride.

Description: SCP-270 has the appearance of a bipedal mammalian predator roughly 2.8m in height and weighing 206 KG. It is known to possess exceptional strength and reflexes, surpassing those of contemporary carnivorous animals. While SCP-270 can be injured, it does not appear to feel pain. The bodily morphology of SCP-270 appears to be adapted primarily for arboreal movement, and the creature has been observed to move faster through dense trees than over open ground. SCP-270 shows a strong instinctual drive to kill, and to consume the flesh and blood of its victims, though this feeding behaviour does not appear to be essential to its survival. SCP-270 was acquired by the Foundation following investigations in [REDACTED], West Africa, where local tribespeople were hunting for the "asanbonsam", a mythical demon which descends from the forest canopy to devour passers-by.

SCP-270's physical existence appears to be dictated by the passage of day and night. The organism only exists in any perceivable form between the hours of sunset and sunrise. During daylight hours, SCP-270 apparently disappears from reality. This phenomenon occurs regardless of whether the organism is exposed to sunlight or not, and the time of its disappearance (and subsequent reappearance at sunset) alters to coincide with the creature's geographical location. The organism always returns to physical existence at a point no more than 10m from the place where it vanished at the previous sunrise. It has been observed that injuries sustained by SCP-270 will heal entirely in the interval between periods of existence. Following incident 270-a it is known that if the organism is "killed", it will still return the next night, alive and uninjured.

Determining the cognitive ability of SCP-270 has proven difficult, with tests often inconclusive. The organism demonstrates exceptional sensory acuity, particularly with regards to aural and visual capabilities. SCP-270 is believed to have a hearing range comparable to most echo-locating bat species. Intelligence of SCP-270 is thought to be on par with that of modern great cats, though certain incidents have indicated that the organism may possess far greater mental acuity. In particular, SCP-270 was at one point shown to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Tests to deduce whether this is a result of low-level instinctual psychic ability have so far proven negative. SCP-270 has demonstrated a noticeable enjoyment of the act of killing and feeding, showing behaviours which can be described as sadistic. The organism has a penchant for tormenting and playing with its food, going so far as to [DATA EXPUNGED] in several cases.

Addendum: Incident 270-a

SCP-270 vanished as normal upon sunrise, but the point from which it disappeared was within 10m of the enclosure's access corridor. Upon the following sunset, it appeared inside the access corridor. This had been predicted and the secondary gate was already sealed. Corridor was filled with gaseous Carfentanyl, which appeared to quickly incapacitate the organism. When armed personnel were sent to move the unconscious SCP-270 back into its enclosure, the organism began to wake. In response to the threat, two personnel shot the creature in the head, resulting in the apparent death of the organism. Autopsy was carried out upon the remains, which were then incinerated.

The following night, a live SCP-270 appeared outside the incinerator and [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in a total of twelve deaths. The organism was shot again and its remains returned to the enclosure. Gas dispensers have since been loaded with fatal doses of cyanogen chloride.

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