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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]

Description: [Paragraphs explaining the Description]
SCP-XXX was presumably a human male of indeterminate age, estimated to be within the 20-30 age bracket. SCP-xxx has undergone vast internal and external modifications.
Subject's left arm has been completely severed at the shoulder and cauterized to prevent infection.
Subject's right arm has been severed 3 inches from the elbow joint and replaced with a crudely fashioned incendiary device.
Subject's lower jaw has been severed and cauterized to prevent infection.
Subject's eyelids have been completely removed.
Subject digestive system has been removed and replaced with an unknown device, resembling a pulsating bladder like organ.
Subject's cranium outer skeleton cranium has been removed and replaced with a metallic alloy of unknown orgin.
Subject's right shoulder has been removed and a cylinder containing volatile fluid of unknown origin, designated XXX-1, has been implanted.

Subject has severe third degree burns over 98% of it's body. SCP-XXX does not seem to be impair or hindered by it's injuries.
Subject reacts to all moving objects in it's line of sight. Upon seeing a moving object, subject will attempt to approach it. When within 4m of the object, Subject will activate the device located on right arm, coating the object in SCP-1. Upon coming in contact with air, XXX-1 undergoes a chemical reaction, with the product resembling napalm. XXX-1 has been recorded burning at 200c and low level gamma radiation has been detected while it is burning.

SCP-XXX-2 is a underground facility of unknown origin. Exploration consisting of multiple labs, testing facilities and surgical chambers. Exploration has been formerly ceased and all operations sans containment has

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