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Meat Gauntlet

Item #: SCP-CARE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Observation Satellites K17 through to L08 are to be tasked in searching for the current location of SCP-CARE. Immediately upon discovery, Mobile Task Force O-56 "Concerned Parents" are to immediately travel to the location and set up a secure perimeter so as to prevent anything from entering or leaving SCP-CARE.

Description: SCP-CARE is a circular non-euclidean area with a diameter of approximately 100 kilometers. It teleports to a random location on the globe after a certain amount of time. To date, the shortest it has ever spent before teleporting is 12 minutes, and the longest period of time before teleporting has been 12 days. SCP-CARE contains numerous biomes, including a pink mountain range composed of hardened sugar, a forest with various confections growing on trees, a lake, and a massive grassy plane. Inhabitants of SCP-CARE, referred to as SCP-CARE-1 are ~1 meter tall, bipedal hamsters with pastel shades of fur. As of Incarnation-3, all instances of SCP-CARE-1 are either openly hostile to foundation staff, or will retreat on sight. Instances of SCP-CARE-1 are not particularly dangerous on their own, but will attempt to set up complex mechanisms to trap Foundation staff, or will swarm and overpower a single staff member at once. SCP-CARE-1 live in numerous small villages.

SCP-CARE is irradiated with a previously unknown form of energy, called "Saccharays" by the inhabitants. They are immune to its rays, but it has harmful effects on all other lifeforms, causing symptoms such as nausea, childlike intelligence, diabetes, and on occasion, complete spontaneous destruction of the skull caused by a strong, internal force.

Addendum: Notable Incarnations

Incarnation-1: Initial foundation discovery of SCP-CARE.

Incarnation-2: Tentative exploration into SCP-CARE. First encounter with inhabitants. Inhabitants offered confections to agents, but were declined. Agents called "big sourpuss faces." 2 Agents were left behind before SCP-CARE teleported.

Incarnation-3: Agent received hug from inhabitant, and died via diabetic shock. Staff opened fire on the inhabitants, resulting in 28 confirmed casualties. Agents left behind in Incarnation-2 were found safe, but complained of nausea.

Incarnation-4: Exploration of "Sugarcane Mountain." Inhabitants were openly hostile and threw mud at staff.

Incarnation-6: Attempt to set up a permanent outpost in SCP-CARE resulted in 1 casualty and several injuries from overexposure to SCP-CARE's anomalous energy field. Samples collected of rainbow vomit. Plans to set up an outpost have been put on permanent suspension.

Incarnation-9: Two (2) agents previously assumed missing have been spotted living with the inhabitants. When confronted, they explained that they "have learned the true meaning of friendship." Agents captured and experimented on to find a way to survive the radiation. No usable results found, amnesiacs administered.

Incarnation-13: Radiation suits have been proven to lessen the effects of the radiation, but have not been able to halt it completely.

Incarnation-14: 2 instances of SCP-CARE-1 captured for questioning

CARE-1-01: What's going on? Where am I?
Dr. A██: You're at the foundation. We have some questions to ask you.
CARE-1-01: No fair! I'm no good at questions!
Dr.A██: Can you tell us about the energy that is killing off our agents?
CARE-1-01: Oh? That's it? That's easy! It's saccharays! They come from the big sugar crystal up in lollipop tower! It protects us and all of the other Joytopians!
Dr.A██: Saccharays? You've got to be kidding me.
CARE-1-01: I wasn't the one who named them! Can you let me go now? I miss my friends!
<CARE-1-01 refused to answer any more questions. CARE-1-01 later complained of dizziness before melting into a large puddle of oatmeal.>

Dr.A██: What can you tell me about saccharays?
CARE-1-02: <Quiet giggles>
Dr.A██: I asked you a question.
CARE-1-02: <Giggles increase in volume>
Dr.A██: …
CARE-1-02: <Giggles cease>
Dr.A██: Will you answer my question now?
CARE-1-02: <Begins breaking out into loud giggles>
<Dr.A██ immediately got up and left the interview. Later, CARE-1-02 transformed into a pile of radishes.>

Incarnation-21: A small raiding party of inhabitants made it out of SCP-CARE before the perimeter could be set up, and proceeded to explore the city. Amnesiacs were promptly administered to large members of the populace. Inhabitants were interrogated, and they explained that they were looking for "Silly Bear" and "Giggle Bear."

Incarnation-27: A large raiding party of inhabitants attacked Mobile Task Force O-56 in large numbers, using stolen Foundation weaponry causing 12 agent casualties, and only 4 hostile casualties. 2 of the 7 remaining agents required extensive psychotherapy.

Incarnation-31: Materialized inside Containment Site-06. A small army immediately rampaged through the foundation, causing well in excess of 50 casualties before retreating back to SCP-CARE. It teleported away as soon as the last one entered.

Who's laughing now, turdbreaths? -Written note, left behind after the attack
This is bad. Before, their attacks were disorganized and tentative. Now I think they're enjoying this. -Dr.G█████████████

Incarnation -34: Large task force sent to SCP-CARE. Massive amounts of hostile casualties, 3 villages completely razed. Permission to decommission granted.

Incarnation -56: Materialized inside █████, Ohio. Huge civilian death toll. Inhabitants set up a large perimeter all around the edges of the SCP-CARE, preventing SCP Foundation from retaliating.

Incarnation -77: First instance of SCP-CARE based weaponry, known as "Marzipanzers" used against Foundation Staff.

Video recording, delivered from an instance of SCP-CARE-1 after the attack
CARE-1-13: You've invaded our lands, killed our people, wreaked destruction across our peaceful country, and now it is time for you to reap the price. We've reverse engineered your weapons, and trained up an army, for we are endless in number, but there's only a few billion of you.We almost thank you. You've strengthened us. Now we can defend ourselves. It's been weeks since you've even been able to set foot in our glorious lands.Though I'm sure despite all the deaths, even of innocents, if you could do it all again, you would. I guess we're not that different.
<CARE-1-13 takes a break to smoke a cigarette>
CARE-1-13: You've taught us more than the sugar crystal ever could. You've taught us that friendship isn't paramount, and sometimes, you can't just keep your hands and feet to yourself. We're not going to play nice anymore. I'll see you around.

Incarnation -79: Mobile Task Force-O56-11 managed to breach the perimeter. All but one have not been seen since.

O56-11-34: Oh man. This is it. It's the end, you guys. I saw the footage of the first visit. It was beautiful. Sparkling lakes and beautiful fields. It wasn't made for us. We should have stopped with the perimeter, rather than wage war against it. It's mad now. When we entered, oh man, it was despicable. The skies were crimson red, the grass was dead, and the lake, once sparkling and beautiful, has become a mire of floating corpses. There was no more candy forests, and the sugar mountains had been drilled away to make weaponry. But that wasn't the worst part. The whole society had changed. No more dancing and caring and befriending, they were at each others throats. We've turned it into a society where only the strong survive. It was worse though. I saw the heads of good, pure foundation agents mounted on spikes. I saw pregnant women, their arms and legs and eyes removed, chained to walls, but in their bloated stomachs I heard the gurgles of something as sinister and as evil as what we've done to them. It's over for humanity. They've proven time and time again that they can't be stopped.
<O56-11-34 self terminated 3 days later>

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