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Close-up image of SCP-ZZZ-1

Item #: SCP-ZZZ

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZZZ-1 is to be kept affixed to the floor of its containment room at all times. All SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel are to be rotated out for psychological counseling on at least a biweekly basis, and may request rotation earlier if they feel that the emotional stress is too overwhelming.

A red line clearly indicating 100m proximity from SCP-ZZZ containment is to be drawn in the hallways. Barring emergency circumstances, SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel may not come within 100m of SCP-ZZZ containment armed with any weapon other than a Foundation-issued sidearm in the .45 caliber range or lower. If SCP-ZZZ-2 is seen outside of containment, it is to be non-lethally incapacitated and then reported to the current head of research.

Barring self-defense, SCP-ZZZ-2 is not to be terminated without O5 approval under any circumstances, no matter how aggressive or malicious the SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel believe its intentions to be. Any SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel displaying unusually intense fear or loathing toward SCP-ZZZ-2 are to be reported immediately to the current head of research and rotated out for psychological counseling. Use of excessive force in restraining SCP-ZZZ-2 may be used as grounds for immediate reassignment to Keter duty termination or demotion to Class D.

Unless given explicit permission by O5, personnel are forbidden to bring computers with Internet access within 100m of SCP-ZZZ containment. Any complex machinery brought within 100m of SCP-ZZZ containment must be monitored at all times until removed from the area. Personnel will not be provided with replacements for any personal belongings lost due to negligence within 100m of SCP-ZZZ containment, and personnel who lose Foundation property due to negligence within 100m of SCP-ZZZ containment will be severely reprimanded.

Description: SCP-ZZZ-1 is a small reproduction of a red Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle approximately 40 cm in length, 15 cm in width, and 12 cm in height. SCP-ZZZ-1 was created when a blue plastic toy model of a first-generation Chevrolet Camaro was processed in SCP-914 on the "1:1" setting, yielding a toy of equal shape and size, but made from red hard rubber rather than blue plastic. Said hard rubber toy was then processed in SCP-914 on the "Very Fine" setting, yielding SCP-ZZZ-1.

SCP-ZZZ-1 is notable in two ways:

  1. SCP-ZZZ-1 is far more detailed than an ordinary scaled-down model car. Upon disassembly, SCP-ZZZ-1 was found to contain miniature versions of all parts found in a full-sized Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle except for a gas tank (although, notably, all component parts lack a serial number). Lab analysis has shown SCP-ZZZ-1 to be constructed from materials similar to those that would be used in a full-sized Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle, i.e. steel and chrome alloys; its seats are covered in leather, and its windows and headlights are made of glass.
  2. Despite its small size, SCP-ZZZ-1’s mass is roughly equal to that of a full-sized Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle (approximately 840 kg). Individual parts of SCP-ZZZ-1 have similarly been shown to have roughly the same mass as their larger counterparts. Repeated lab testing has been unable to distinguish the component parts of SCP-ZZZ-1 from copies by any means other than simple tests of weight or density—they appear to be chemically identical.

SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive witnesses describe SCP-ZZZ-2 as a humanoid figure of variable size and proportions who wears the archetypal attire and makeup of a circus clown (see artist’s rendition below).

Artist's Rendition of SCP-ZZZ-2

SCP-ZZZ-2 is perhaps most notable in that over 80% of Foundation personnel introduced to it have been unable to sense its presence by any natural or assisted means other than physical touch, while the rest have been able not only to see SCP-ZZZ-2 but also to hear and smell it. SCP-ZZZ-2 sensitivity appears to correlate strongly with a number of different factors (see Dr. █████’s SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Study for details), the strongest of which is coulrophobia (fear of clowns). 100% of staff members known to be SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive have reported that they are at least slightly coulrophobic.

SCP-ZZZ-2 cannot be filmed or photographed. Efforts to track SCP-ZZZ-2 through both conventional and SCP-558-assisted forms of image intensification, radiography, sonography, and thermography have yielded no results. Until the events of the 04/07/██ containment breach, SCP-ZZZ-2 had never been physically touched (sensitive witnesses claim that SCP-ZZZ-2 tends to deliberately avoid physical contact with all foreign objects and organisms introduced to its containment room). Only the unanimous and nonconflicting independent testimonies of SCP-ZZZ-2's existence from several respected individuals encouraged O5's eventual decision to allow serious investigation into the matter. Therefore, unless explicitly stated otherwise, all information presented below is to be considered second-hand information summarized from witness testimony.

SCP-ZZZ-2 wears a pinstripe shirt with a name tag that reads "Zozo the Clown" in capitalized embossed print. SCP-ZZZ-2 smiles ceaselessly, perhaps compulsively, except when distressed due to injury or separation from SCP-ZZZ-1's center of mass by more than 100m. When SCP-ZZZ-2 is distraught, teardrops of blue makeup materialize on its face and animate streaming down its cheeks as it wails or screams in anguish.

SCP-ZZZ-2 has never spoken, nor has it attempted conversation in any nonverbal way. SCP-ZZZ-2 smells unpleasantly of sweat, greasepaint, and alcohol. SCP-ZZZ-2 is capable of contorting and stretching itself elastically, with no visible signs of discomfort; notably, when Foundation personnel enter SCP-ZZZ containment, SCP-ZZZ-2 is often snugly contorted inside of SCP-ZZZ-1, though it will always withdraw and move to a different part of the room before said personnel can begin handling the car. SCP-ZZZ-2 occasionally performs an extremely acrobatic dance in which it demonstrates a degree of its superhuman contortion and flexibility.

From time to time, SCP-ZZZ-2 inflates one of an indeterminate number of balloons concealed within its pockets (note that, like SCP-ZZZ-2 itself, these balloons cannot be sensed by most personnel) and ties a string to it. Unlike balloons inflated with human breath, SCP-ZZZ-2's balloons float, as if filled with helium. Balloons come in a variety of colors and sizes. Balloons will spontaneously pop if physical contact with a foreign object or organism is imminent. Popped remains of SCP-ZZZ-2's balloons immediately vanish, along with the string.

SCP-ZZZ-2 appears to be able to somehow retain full use of all its limbs, extremities, and organs, even if they are badly damaged or completely removed (see Incidents ZZZ-███ through ZZZ-███ for details) although the damage will only heal at a normal human rate, and may even require sutures or surgery to heal completely. SCP-ZZZ-2 is extremely resistant to electrocution. SCP-ZZZ-2 does not appear to require food or sustenance of any kind. SCP-ZZZ-2 does not appear to ever sleep, even while contorted within SCP-ZZZ-1. As of the 04/07/██ containment breach, SCP-ZZZ-2's mass is recorded at approximately 83kg, and does not appear to fluctuate as SCP-ZZZ-2 contorts.

Containment of SCP-ZZZ-2 is a challenge, as it appears that SCP-ZZZ-2's contortion ability enables it to seep through even the tiniest of cracks and fissures within a matter of hours; SCP-ZZZ-2's bond to SCP-ZZZ-1 is all that prevents its escape. While SCP-ZZZ-2 is generally peaceful and good-natured, it possesses an irrepressible mischievous streak, delights in provoking shocked reactions, and is either unwilling or unable to take into account the seriousness of many of its actions.

Because those who can actually see SCP-ZZZ-2 tend to be the most frightened of it, studying and containing SCP-ZZZ-2 will always be a delicate process. Nonetheless, study of SCP-ZZZ-2 thus far has already provided the Foundation with a wealth of information, and O5 is confident that further study will provide even more.

Addendum ZZZ-1A: New Protocol

Testing indicates that SCP-ZZZ may pose a strong memetic hazard. Two (2) of the fifteen (15) Class D personnel tasked with SPC-ZZZ’s disassembly participated in a shared hallucination of a humanoid entity called “Zozo the Clown”, along with one (1) of the five (5) agents overseeing the experiment (Agent █████ B███). All three delusional personnel proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Both Class Ds were terminated immediately, and Agent B███ has been detained near SCP-ZZZ containment for further study. All personnel handling SCP-ZZZ in future tests are to be equipped with Telekill (SCP-148) headgear and gloves.

Dr. C██████

Addendum ZZZ-1B: Preventing and Curing Hallucinations

Implementation of Telekill appears to have successfully reduced SCP-ZZZ’s influence. Of the nine (9) SCP-ZZZ test sessions since use of Telekill began, eight (8) have been completely without incident. See Experiment Log ZZZ-18a for further details.

Two (2) agents have thus far reported disturbing hallucinations of “Zozo” and are detained near SCP-ZZZ containment for further study. Both agents claim that “Zozo” frequently escapes SCP-ZZZ containment to torment them. Removing them from the vicinity of SCP-ZZZ appears to prevent hallucinations, but the visions return immediately upon reintroduction.

Despite its controversial nature, I have approved [DATA EXPUNGED] psychotherapeutic treatment due to the mitigating circumstances. While I am doing my best to remain optimistic, treatment intensity may have to be increased yet another level if failures continue; these people are suffering, and finding a cure is absolutely imperative.

Dr. C██████

Addendum ZZZ-1C: An Earnest Request

Records of early tests with SCP-ZZZ reveal that the influence of “Zozo” may be older than previously thought:

<Begin Log, [11/03/██]>

D-185: Well, that’s fuckin’ nasty.

Dr. C██████: What? What is it?

D-185: The clown.

Dr. C██████: Clown? What clown?

D-185: The clown stuffed in the car. Looks like he’s gonna pop out at any second. What, you guys don’t see him? (Other Class Ds laugh)

Dr. C██████: This is serious, D-185. Please focus on the task at hand.

D-185: Heh, right. Sure, Doc. I was just kiddin’.

<End Log>

Agent ███████ S███████ took two bullets to the shoulder today after she pulled her sidearm on fellow agent ███ ██████ and shouted a command to “move away from him”. Agents ███████ █████ and ████ ██████ came forward in unison, both claiming to have seen “Zozo” and insisting that Agent S███████ was only reacting to the clown’s sudden and unpredictable movement. All three are now detained near SCP-ZZZ containment for further study.

These two items demonstrate a very serious possibility of widespread SCP-ZZZ influence and suggest that Telekill may actually have little to no effect upon SCP-ZZZ. Since the chance of curing SCP-ZZZ’s influence in the immediate future is negligible, a change in protocol regarding those with whom “Zozo”/ SCP-ZZZ has made contact (for the purposes of encouraging more Foundation agents to come forward; i.e. private quarters far away from SCP-ZZZ’s containment, less stressful means of psychotherapy, and fewer invasive examinations) is formally requested and strongly recommended. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

Dr. C██████

Addendum ZZZ-1D: Just Deserts [O5 Memo to Staff]

Following testimony from respected personnel among his “patients” and examination of his personal diary, Dr. C██████ has been demoted to Class D and “detained near SCP-ZZZ containment for further study”. SCP-ZZZ has been redesignated “SCP-ZZZ-1”. The entity popularly referred to as “Zozo” has been redesignated “SCP-ZZZ-2”. Foundation personnel capable of seeing Zozo (with the obvious exception of lying, cowardly, traitorous hypocrites like Dr. C██████) are to be accorded special respect on matters relating to SCP-ZZZ. Research on SCP-ZZZ will henceforth be headed only by qualified staff with the eyes to see Zozo and the balls to admit it.

For those of you who are still confused, I am at liberty to tell you that Dr. C██████ confessed (under torture) that he has possessed a deep-seated pathological fear and hatred of clowns since early childhood, and that his recent actions were motivated primarily by a desire to "cure" himself of Zozo. Dr. C██████ confessed some additional things as well, all of which are classified.

In conclusion, this incident provides classic textbook examples of four very important points:

  1. Do not lie to O5.
  2. If an SCP is causing you trouble, don't try to deal with it alone. Tell us about it.
  3. [DATA EXPUNGED] psychotherapeutic treatment is controversial for a reason. See Incident Report C21-███ for details.
  4. Do not lie to O5.


Addendum ZZZ-2A: Tangible Evidence

Dr. █████ has been appointed as the new head of SCP-ZZZ research. Under his direction, the SCP-ZZZ-2 research team has proposed a study to search for patterns among SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel. The team has also successfully tracked SCP-ZZZ-2’s footprints by covering the floor of SCP-ZZZ containment in a layer of sand approximately 2cm thick, and (in an especially creative move that earned Dr. █████ a commendation) has successfully tracked SCP-ZZZ-2 itself using a "paintball minigun" designed and funded by the doctor himself and constructed by the SCP-ZZZ research team. Video footage of SCP-ZZZ-2's post-paintball-bombardment "appearance" is archived in Experiment Log ZZZ-32b; SCP-ZZZ-2's painted exterior remained visible to all personnel for twenty-seven (27) seconds before SCP-ZZZ-2 finally absorbed the applied red paint from the gun underneath a layer of its own white makeup secretion.

Dr. █████'s minigun was found missing the following day, and only a few broken pieces of the gun's larger component parts were recovered. If SCP-ZZZ-2 was the perpetrator (as Dr. █████ suspects), then the clown's maximum range from SCP-ZZZ-1 is much greater than previously thought. New regulations prohibit leaving complex machinery unattended within 65m of containment.

Results of the sensitivity study will be updated continuously as new data are acquired. Request to O5 for a floor-sized scale with which to measure SCP-ZZZ-2’s mass has been denied due to infeasibility. Request that O5 add the cost of an arsenal of paintball rifles to the official SCP-ZZZ research budget has been denied due to triviality. (Note: Yes, it IS trivial, and you know it. As useful as the paintball experiment was, there's no practical reason to supply EVERYONE with the damn things if they can't keep the clown visible for even half a minute. My condolences for your loss are deep, Dr. █████, but not that deep. - O5-██)

Addendum ZZZ-2B: Complaints

Interviewed: Agent ███████ S███████ (confirmed SCP-ZZZ-2 sensitive)

Foreword: Agent S███████ has complained about repeated calls to SCP-ZZZ duty and arranged a meeting with human resources to request reassignment.

<Begin Log, [04/05/██]>

Interviewer: I just don't understand why you're so upset about this, Miss S███████. There aren't many who can see Zozo, and we need as many as we can get. Now, if you have reason to believe he poses a threat to you in some way, then—

S███████: It's not that he poses a threat. He's just… creepy.

Interviewer: You keep using that word. What do you mean by it? From what I understand there's nothing especially unpleasant about him. You were on Keter duty once, Miss S███████. How bad can Zozo be compared to that?

S███████: It's… it's really hard to explain. I honestly don't know if you'd understand, but… look, it's not just me. I mean, nearly everybody hates to be around him.

Interviewer: Pardon?

S███████: I’m sorry, I… I shouldn't have said that. I don't pretend to speak for everybody.

Interviewer: No, I want to hear what you have to say. Don't be afraid.

S███████: Look, haven't you looked at the drawings we made?

Interviewer: I have.

S███████: Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't mind being in the same room with that thing?

Interviewer: I can. He doesn't look so out of the ordinary; I could mistake him for a real clown. Just sort of… well, funny-looking and sweet. A typical children's entertainer.

S███████: (becomes visibly flustered) Jesus Christ!

Interviewer: I didn’t mean to offend. I was answering honestly.

S███████: It was bad enough when you just thought we were all crazy, but now you know we were right all along and it's even worse! We risked everything to tell the Foundation about him, and this is how we're repaid for our loyalty? By being subjected to the clown even more?

Interviewer: (at this point the interviewer activated the silent alarm underneath his desk) Miss S███████, I’m sorry. I have nothing but respect for someone who has sacrificed so much for the Foundation. Please calm down.

S███████: (inaudible over guards shouting)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent S███████ was granted a transfer. Questioning of other SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel on SCP-ZZZ duty indicated that her sentiments were, indeed, shared by many; this is assumed to be a psychological by-product of trauma from Dr. C██████'s tests. Protocol has been revised to allow for regular voluntary rotation of sensitive personnel. All personnel on Keter duty may submit requests to Dr. █████ for reassignment to SCP-ZZZ and undergo a sensitivity test; the process is strictly first-come, first-served, so submit quickly.

Addendum ZZZ-2C: "Faking" the SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test [Dr. █████ Memo to Staff]

The next moron who wastes our time trying to pass the SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test without actually being SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive gets a reprimand and a swift kick in the ass. There is no shame in being unable to see SCP-ZZZ-2, because the test is not a competition. No, despite whatever rumors you may have heard, it is not possible to "half-see" SCP-ZZZ-2, nor does SCP-ZZZ-2 radiate an "aura" that can be detected by practitioners of certain religions or martial arts. To pass the test, you have to be able to actually SEE SCP-ZZZ-2 and indicate its location within containment. If you can't see SCP-ZZZ-2, DO NOT point randomly and hope for the best, simply inform the test administrator that you cannot see SCP-ZZZ-2 and volunteer for a different position. Trust me, there are plenty of other posts in SCP-ZZZ research that need filling.

That said, if you CAN see SCP-ZZZ-2, we need your help too. The ratio of sensitives to non-sensitives among volunteers has been much lower than we predicted, and if we can't fill the quota of sensitive team members with volunteers alone we'll have to start drafting people.

Dr. █████

Addendum ZZZ-2E: Practical Jokes

SCP-ZZZ-2 has begun to display a fondness for practical jokes over the course of the past two months, which it often performs after escaping from containment. Although most are relatively harmless, staff members generally agree that they are distracting, juvenile, and irritating. Notable pranks thus far have included the theft of Dr. █████'s glasses, the [DATA EXPUNGED], and the destruction of the research team's paintball minigun.

SCP-ZZZ-2's ability of contortion has thus far allowed it to evade disciplinary retaliation. Taser shocks are next to useless, and tranquilizers appear to slow SCP-ZZZ-2 but do not act quickly enough to stop it from finding a hiding spot. Although SCP-ZZZ-2 still appears unable to move more than 65m from SCP-ZZZ-1, the majority of research is conducted within containment or close by, and thus these "jokes" will continue to set back research progress until more effective means of keeping SCP-ZZZ-2 under control are discovered.

With O5 approval, drafting of SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive team members has officially begun. Concordantly the SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test is being revised to decrease its previous potential for Type II Error (i.e. the rejection of personnel who are, in fact, SCP-ZZZ-2 sensitive, usually due to their own refusal to acknowledge SCP-ZZZ-2's presence).

Addendum ZZZ-2F: 04/07/██ Containment Breach Details

Despite his personal dislike of SCP-ZZZ-2, Agent █████ B███ has become quite passionate about SCP-ZZZ research ever since the removal of Dr. C██████ from authority. One month ago today, he negotiated with Dr. █████ to set up private sleeping quarters 70m from containment, just outside of SCP-ZZZ-2's supposed maximum range from SCP-ZZZ-1 (65m). These arrangements were intended to allow Agent B███ to start research preparations before the arrival of the rest of his team and thus to increase daily productivity.

At some point before 0300 yesterday, SCP-ZZZ-2 managed to escape containment, enter Agent B███'s sleeping quarters, and inflate a balloon. At 0300, SCP-ZZZ-2 caused said balloon to pop directly over Agent B███'s head. B███ awoke immediately and, startled by SCP-ZZZ-2's appearance, proceeded to fire eight (8) hollow-point rounds from his Colt Python sidearm, six into SCP-ZZZ-2's face and two into the back of its head. SCP-ZZZ-2 suffered massive head trauma but was not killed. When it became clear to B███ that SCP-ZZZ-2 had survived, he sounded the containment breach alarm.

(Note: The containment breach alarm did not sound until nearly 0400. B███ has not yet satisfactorily explained why it took him almost an hour to confirm that SCP-ZZZ-2 was still alive, nor why he saw fit to reload his weapon and fire two additional rounds even after ascertaining the identity of the intruder. Agent B███ has been removed from the SCP-ZZZ research team and sent to undergo psychological testing. - O5-██)

Medical staff were rapidly tested for SCP-ZZZ-2 sensitivity, and a team of four (4) sensitive surgeons was assembled. Non-sensitive personnel observing the incapacitated SCP-ZZZ-2 reported seeing eight bullets hovering a few inches above the head of the operating table to which SCP-ZZZ-2 was restrained; sensitive personnel reported that SCP-ZZZ-2's head was considerably damaged and had come to resemble "a deep-dish pizza, after somebody dropped an anvil into it". Medical staff initially displayed uncharacteristic reluctance and hesitation, but after some prodding from Dr. █████ they began intensive neurosurgery upon SCP-ZZZ-2 and successfully removed all eight bullets. Work repairing the damage to SCP-ZZZ-2's skull and jaw began at 2300.

This is the first recorded instance of physical contact with SCP-ZZZ-2 by sensitive and non-sensitive Foundation personnel alike, and as such it has answered some existing questions and raised many new ones. SCP-ZZZ-2's mass has finally been recorded (about 83kg). Samples taken from SCP-ZZZ-2 can be viewed by sensitives via microscope (though images still do not show up on either film or photograph); samples of SCP-ZZZ-2's makeup, clothing, balloons, and balloon strings all appear to be composed of living tissue, the cells of which contain DNA that is present in samples of of SCP-ZZZ-2's skin, blood, and cheek cells. SCP-ZZZ-2 appears to have a surprisingly humanoid internal anatomical structure complete with humanoid respiratory, pulmonary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems (although the absence of digestive and excretory systems has been noted). SCP-ZZZ-2 does not appear to exhale lighter-than-air gases, despite the fact that balloons filled with its breath will float. The current brittleness of SCP-ZZZ-2's skeleton suggests that SCP-ZZZ-2 may be able to somehow "soften" itself before contorting; this may be connected with SCP-ZZZ-2's survival of massive head trauma and surgery without an accelerated regenerative ability. Request to attempt an SCP-038-assisted cloning of SCP-ZZZ-2 for further experimentation has been denied by O5, despite O5's interest in researching [DATA EXPUNGED]. Because study of SCP-ZZZ-2's anatomy and behavior has already revealed considerable possibilities for development of [DATA EXPUNGED] and seems likely to yield far more, O5 has insisted that care be taken to ensure that no permanent harm come to the clown.

Uninflated balloons taken from SCP-ZZZ-2 notably do not self-destruct prior to physical contact, and may even be inflated by humans without incident (note, however, that unlike balloons inflated by SCP-ZZZ-2, these balloons will not float). Because non-sensitives still cannot see or hear the balloons, they may prove extremely useful in the revised SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test. Dr. █████ has proposed a simple test of blinking reflex, in which the test administrator pops several balloons in front of the test subject and observes the subject's reaction to each pop. Since the blinking reflex is involuntary, this should substantially decrease the potential for Type II Error.

Addendum ZZZ-2G: SCP-ZZZ-2's "Recovery"

Although SCP-ZZZ-2 appears physically to be healing at an "ordinary" rate ("ordinary" here is in comparison to the healing rate generally observed in human survivors of massive head trauma, none of whom have ever been recorded taking damage as extensive as SCP-ZZZ-2's), it has demonstrated behavior inconsistent with the severity of its injuries. Such behavior includes the following:

  • Rapid and stable return to consciousness. SCP-ZZZ-2 was comatose for less than 24 hours and has remained conscious since first awakening.
  • Unassisted ability to walk within two (2) hours of awakening. (Note that, since SCP-ZZZ-2's was bedridden for less than 26 hours and sustained no damage to its cerebellum, this should technically be unsurprising.)
  • Unassisted ability to dance within four (4) hours of awakening. Dancing was, however, noticeably less graceful than usual, possibly due to SCP-ZZZ-2's present inability to contort.

SCP-ZZZ-2 became noticeably distraught when medical staff attempted to escort it to a more advanced facility (details are recorded in the incident report for the 04/07/██ breach). Distress abated after SCP-ZZZ-1 was temporarily removed from containment and brought closer to the position of SCP-ZZZ-2. SCP-ZZZ-2's maximum range from SCP-ZZZ-1 now appears to be 100m; it may be taken beyond this point by force, but it will not go willingly.

After hearing the description of SCP-ZZZ-2's distress, Agent B███ sent Dr. █████ a message explaining that SCP-ZZZ-2 displayed similar signs of distress shortly before it lost consciousness during the 04/07/██ breach. In light of SCP-ZZZ-2's present inability to contort (and concordant helplessness to evade experimentation), this information provided the impetus for a study of SCP-ZZZ-2's reaction to varying amounts of physical pain. Results indicate that SCP-ZZZ-2 will only react to levels of pain that would be far beyond excruciating for humans; see Experiment Log ZZZ-45a for more details.

Dealing with SCP-ZZZ-2 will undoubtedly be easier from this point on. Revised protocol orders sensitive agents to incapacitate SCP-ZZZ-2 with a shot to the head whenever it is encountered outside of containment. Once SCP-ZZZ-2 learns to respect the Foundation's authority, these measures may not even be necessary.

Addendum ZZZ-2H: Reining in the Insanity

Thanks to the revision of the SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test, the team quota of SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel has finally been met. However, the return of SCP-ZZZ-2's ability to contort has reinvigorated its mischievous streak and it is now rapidly becoming skilled at avoiding guards by stealth. In addition, its pranks have shown a disturbing increase in levels of complexity and forethought. To date, SCP-ZZZ-2 has been conclusively shown to be responsible for (in chronological order):

  • Stealing and hiding Dr. █████'s glasses.
  • Completely dismantling Dr. █████'s paintball minigun and hiding the pieces.
  • Replacing the contents of Agent ████ ██████'s lunchbox with [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Stealing and hiding only the lenses of Dr. █████'s glasses, presumably to prolong confusion; Dr. █████ momentarily believed that he had mistakenly taken glasses belonging to a colleague with a different prescription.
  • Causing the overflow of a number of lavatories throughout the entire Foundation site, following SCP-ZZZ-2's discovery of a major drain pipe approximately 10m below SCP-ZZZ containment (see Incident Report F02-███ for details; site sewer system has been redesigned to prevent similar incidents). A number of small pieces of Dr. █████'s minigun were present in the sewage.
  • Building up a strong static charge in virtually all doorknobs, control panels, wire coat hangers, and other points of frequent human contact within a 40m radius of SCP-ZZZ-1, causing static shock to many personnel.
  • Creating a crude rubber clown doll based upon itself and squeezing said doll inside of SCP-ZZZ-1 before leaving containment; this was intended to distract the research team by making it appear as if SCP-ZZZ-2 had suddenly become visible to all personnel, allowing SCP-ZZZ-2 to approach from behind and surprise the team by splashing them with a bucket of water SCP-ZZZ-2 had stolen earlier from a janitor's closet. Decoy doll appeared to be made from a variety of different rubber scraps (including discarded tubing from labs, pencil erasers, and what appeared to be the contents of a pack of condoms) which SCP-ZZZ-2 had melted, reshaped, and resealed, probably with the aid of a Bunsen burner at a nearby lab station.
  • Startling Agent B███ awake by popping a balloon at 0300.
  • Stealing a bag of medical blood from a facility near SCP-ZZZ containment and smearing said blood over sleeping agents; due to coincidental simultaneity with the events of [DATA EXPUNGED], this had some consequences beyond what SCP-ZZZ-2 had probably intended (see Incident Report B16-███ for details; all agents involved were eventually acquitted).
  • Cutting through various cables for [DATA EXPUNGED] with an unknown implement and resealing the rubber afterwards to delay realization.
  • Infecting Dr. █████'s personal laptop with an unknown virus; whether SCP-ZZZ-2 downloaded the virus or wrote the virus itself is uncertain.
  • Tearing out most of the pages from Dr. █████'s annotated copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream to make a crude "wallpaper" for the interior of SCP-ZZZ containment.
  • Breaking the password on Dr. █████'s personal laptop, vandalizing data on the doctor's personnel file and on several of the doctor's archived SCPs in a satirical manner (note: computers with Internet access may no longer be brought within 100m of SCP-ZZZ-1).
  • Constructed a lifelike full-sized model of SCP-682 out of [DATA EXPUNGED] and placed it just outside of the entrance to Dr. █████'s office door.

For evidence linking these events to SCP-ZZZ-2, see Experiment Log ZZZ-52d. For a list of additional incidents and mishaps suspected to be caused by SCP-ZZZ-2, see Experiment Log ZZZ-52e.

Notably, SCP-ZZZ-2 appears to single out sensitive personnel for abuse when playing pranks on individuals, particularly Dr. █████; additionally, new data from the SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Study shows that a full 100% of known sensitive personnel have at least a mild fear of clowns. These two trends suggest that SCP-ZZZ-2 is acting out of deliberate malice towards those who fear it most.

In conclusion, due to SCP-ZZZ-2's unpredictable, uncontrollable, and now apparently sadistic nature, the SCP-ZZZ-2 research team has formally requested that SCP-ZZZ be reclassified "Keter". Further, the research team requests permission to begin attempting termination of SCP-ZZZ-2.

(Response: Both requests denied. If SCP-ZZZ-2 really does hold a grudge against the people who shoot it in the head every other time they see it and subjected it to Experiment ZZZ-45a, well… frankly, I'm surprised that the clown has enough restraint to retaliate with pranks instead of outright violence. If you feel that dealing with the damage caused by SCP-ZZZ-2's pranks may cause you to go over budget, however, we are willing to reopen negotiations about funding. - O5-██)

Addendum ZZZ-2I: Major Protocol Changes [O5 Official Statement]

Shortly after receiving O5's decision yesterday, Dr. █████ armed himself with a claw hammer, a machete, and a 12-gauge shotgun and entered SCP-ZZZ containment with the intent to terminate SCP-ZZZ-2. Several members of the SCP-ZZZ research team attempted to stop Dr. █████, but were subdued or incapacitated by a number of other team members who sided with Dr. █████ (all of whom, it must be noted, were SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive). Dr. █████ managed to sever SCP-ZZZ-2's head, cut open the sutures in its face (still healing after SCP-ZZZ-2's previous violent encounter), crush its skull nearly flat against the floor, sever its right arm, and partially disembowel it before agents finally broke into containment to apprehend him. Dr. █████ then threatened to destroy SCP-ZZZ-1 with the hammer, but was incapacitated by the guards before he could strike the first blow.

SCP-ZZZ-2 survived the encounter and is once again undergoing intensive surgery. Dr. █████ and all team members who sided with him are currently detained and awaiting their verdict from O5.

After much discussion relating to both of SCP-ZZZ's deposed heads of research, O5 has rescinded its order that the head of SCP-ZZZ-2 research be SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive and has in fact ordered the opposite; until further notice, heads of SCP-ZZZ-2 research must test negative on the revised SCP-ZZZ-2 Sensitivity Test. All SCP-ZZZ-2-sensitive personnel on the SCP-ZZZ research team are now required to rotate out for psychological counseling on a biweekly basis. Further attempts to terminate SCP-ZZZ-2 will be considered grounds for demotion to Class D.


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