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The Raven Triptych

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SCP-1349, interior appearance when photographed.

Item #: SCP-1349

Object Class: [Euclid? Safe? Not sure yet.]

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures are to restrict access to the site of SCP-1720 (henceforth referred to as Site-78), under the guise of renovation/repair work. The site should be staffed by three D-Class, two security agents and one researcher. All staff should wear appropriate construction work uniforms until inside Site-78.

Description: SCP-1720 is a 4.3m x 3.6 x 3m master bedroom of a lodge on the main site of the C█████ █████ Holiday Camp in ████████, ██████████, discovered in 2███ by local police force investigation, and contained by Foundation personnel soon afterwards (see Addendum SCP-1720-1). Unlike other rooms within the site, this room has displayed evidence of a self-contained time loop, activated when the room is entered by a living organism. Once the room has been entered and the loop activated, if a subject does not leave the room for a 12 hour period the room resets, returning the subject to the door, identical to when they first entered. It has been found that subjects that are reset by the room do not have any immediate memory of anything that happened in the room during the 12 hour period, but under hypnosis some memories have been retrieved. The loop does not affect inanimate objects, or anything in the room before the loop is activated.

Addendum SCP-1720-1: SCP-1720 was discovered by [REDACTED] Police Force while performing an investigation after reports were filed that an assault had been witnessed by passers-by and muffled screaming heard as a figure dragged a struggling person inside the lodge. Police raided the lodge and found an adult male, identified as Mr ████ ███████, standing over the body of a younger male, aged 23yrs, both inside SCP-1720. The body showed severe lacerations, including one to the inner thigh that severed the femoral artery. After the arrest and detainment of Mr ███████, the police investigation team sealed off the lodge for forensic teams. During this process however, a hysterical screaming and sobbing was heard emanating from inside . Upon re-entering the room they found the younger male leant against a wall, crying. The investigation report was intercepted by the Foundation and a team sent out to secure Site-78, as well as return the younger male for interview, categorising him as Subject 1720-01.

Addendum SCP-1720-2: Interview with Subject 1720-01

The following is a transcription of an interview of the subject upon arrival to the Foundation's main facility on 05/██/2███, after been extracted from SCP-1720.

[insert interview here]

Addendum SCP-1720-3: Further investigation into the nature of SCP-1720 has revealed that separate subjects entering the room at different times adhere to their own reset time, rather than the first subject's time being extended.

Note: Due to the nature of SCP-1720, proposals have been made to use it as an experimental facility. Approval pending.

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