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Item #: SCP-XXXX

One section of SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All main routes in and out of SCP-XXXX will have two Foundation Security Personnel posted in guardhouses. The entrances to SCP-XXXX are constructed of reinforced steel and the doors may only be opened for Foundation testing. Under no circumstances are civilians allowed to pass through any entrances to SCP-XXXX. Guards must be rotated every 12 hours. In order to prevent conflict with locals an alternative route has been established, passing through [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 69-kilometre stretch of road, linking the towns of ██ ███ and ███████ in Bolivia, known locally as the 'North ██████ Road'. Prior to intervention by the Foundation, the road was already known for its high death toll (approximately 200-300 people a year) due to most of the road being only 3.2 meters wide and having no guard rail that faces a drop of at least 600 meters into a local gorge. It was often used to transport trade goods between the two towns.

It first came to the attention of the Foundation, when an investigation into [REDACTED] in the area and Foundation Personnel were forced to use the road.

Upon entering SCP-XXXX subject will progress along the road normally, until the road reaches its highest altitude of 4650. Subjects who have progressed this far have been observed to undergo subtle visual and auditory hallucinations ranging from perceiving the road as wider than it actually is or a sudden bank of cloud obscuring the road, rendering them unable to negotiate the road safely. While SCP-XXXX doesn't cause any direct harm to subjects its effect render any form of travel on the road unsafe as their judgement becomes impaired on what is already, a dangerous stretch of road.

The effects of SCP-XXXX seem to occur irregardless of whether the subject is in any form of transport of on foot. However a person must be present on the road to observe its effect and any remote viewers (eg. by camera) do not seem to be affected.

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