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SCP-XXX - Mist Man

Final photograph from digital feed camera on Unmanned Exploration Drone NG-6654.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be held at containment site #███ (previously the town of ██████ - Western Australia) in a fourteen (14) by fourteen (14) kilometre wide perimeter fence constructed of reinforced steel twelve (12) centimetres thick. Enclosure is to be checked for damage on a bi-weekly basis. Large fans are to be positioned every fifty (5) meters around the inside of the enclosure and are to be activated should fog begin to spread. Site #███ is to be monitored by digital cameras spaced every one-hundred (100) meters on each side.

Access to SCP-XXX is permitted only to Class D personnel for testing. No other staff members are to enter the SCP-XXX perimeter under any circumstances. Any personnel breaching this restriction will be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is an unidentified humanoid entity. What this entity does and whether or not it is terrestrial or intelligent is currently unknown due to the immense area of fog which surrounds it. This fog spreads approximately thirteen (13) kilometres in diameter and appears to negate standard weather cycles in the area it is located. How it does this is unknown.

SCP-XXX was discovered after the coastal town of ██████ - Western Australia was subject to an onset of strange weather patterns followed by a string of unusual events including disappearances, mechanical and electrical failures and the inability for residents to navigate out of the town. Standard supply shipments to the town claim that they were unable to find it and attempts to enter the town resulted in travellers driving in complete circles or disappearing completely.

The area effected by SCP-XXX was later rendered a derelict ghost town. Attempts to communicate with residence has yielded no responses and proposed salvage operations have resulted in the disappearances of task forces G-67A and G-67B.

The affected area is heavily coated with mist, forming a "blind zone" within one-hundred (100) meters of the town's border. Testing has revealed that upon entering the affected area beyond this zone, personnel will be unable to navigate out of the area again. Securing personnel to a harness leading out of the area resulted in the harness breaking upon the subject leaving the field of view.

Unmanned Exploration Drone NG-6654 was sent into affected area fitted with live feed digital camera and brought back images of abandoned buildings, discarded items and signs of conflict and struggle, however, no bodies or life forms were found. Area appears to be entirely sterile as even microorganisms such as bacteria are absent. This unmanned drone also sent back images of the unidentified humanoid deemed as either a by-product or source of the mist.

Attempts to retrieve the unmanned drone were disbanded after the drone suffered an electrical fault and broke down prior to sending back a few final images. Audio feed sent back "A strange hissing sound" a few minutes before the breakdown and possible salvage missions have been rejected due to the risks involving the area.

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