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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a locked room. As SCP-XXX is immobile, and is only harmful if interacted with, little else is required in terms of containment.

Description: SCP-XXX is a queen-sized, somewhat worn mattress made of a pale, leather-like substance. It weighs ███ kg, approximately ██ kg more than the average weight of a standard mattress of the same size.

An individual lying down on SCP-XXX will hear a rhythmic breathing, which the listener will find soothing regardless of personal phobias or prior knowledge of SCP-XXX's effects. This breathing also seems to cause the listener to be lulled into a state of sleep. In addition, an individual lying on SCP-XXX feels slight up and down movement in time with the breathing; however close examination has shown that SCP-XXX remains immobile while in use.

When an individual falls asleep upon SCP-XXX, they begin to sink beneath its surface. While the subject's skin remains attached to SCP-XXX's exterior, their innards are apparently engulfed by it. After submersion has occurred, SCP-XXX becomes slightly less deteriorated.

Discovery: SCP-XXX was purchased by agent ████ at ████ ██████'s mattress store in ████. Agent ████ took SCP-XXX home and placed it on his bed; when he laid down upon it, he heard the sound of breathing, which he reported to the Foundation. Further testing was able to ascertain SCP-XXX's SCP status, and SCP-XXX was brought to site ██ for containment.

Note: Agent ████ has been previously exposed to SCP- ██; his immunity to the effects of the "breathing" may be connected. Requires further investigation. -Dr. ██████

Addendum XXX-A: [Data Redacted]

Addendum XXX-B: ██/██/██: Dr. ██████ test log

One (1) D-Class personnel (D-XXX-3) instructed to create an incision in SCP-XXX with a knife. Upon SCP-XXX being punctured, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Conclusion: [DATA EXPUNGED] internal organs [DATA EXPUNGED].

Note: Contrary to what [REDACTED] said during the internal review, I believe that this test was a success. We obtained evidence alluding to what happen
to the "absorbed" parts of SCP-XXX's victims, as well as a much more complete comprehension of its abilities. On a related note, the data obtained in this 
test seems to indicate a possible connection to SCP-002, and as such I would like [DATA EXPUNGED] -Dr.  ██████

Note: Dr.  ██████, if you ever decide to repeat the conditions of this test, please make certain to take proper precautionary methods. Soundproofing may
be required, although the [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-148 may be indicated instead. In any case, [DATA EXPUNGED] almost ████████, which is unacceptable.
 -Dr. ████████

Addendum XXX-C: ██/██/██: Dr. ██████ test log

One (1) Class D-Class personnel (D-XXX-17) told to lie down on SCP-XXX. After two (2) minutes, subject is removed from SCP-XXX and led to a new 
mattress, held in the same room as SCP-XXX. Subject lies down on mattress; upon doing so, subject reports hearing SCP-XXX's breathing. Subject is led to a 
mattress in the next room, with the same results. Subject is then led to a third mattress elsewhere in the facility, located  ████ (█) kilometers distant 
from SCP-XXX; again, same results are reported. Test repeated with D-XXX-18, with only the third mattress. Results are identical.

Conclusion: SCP-XXX may be memetic or infectious in nature. Request that all personnel to come in contact with SCP-XXX be evaluated for termination.
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