Veritas - 2
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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX-A must be kept in a secure storage facility which is to remain locked at al times. No special facilities are required for safe storage as the item displays no abnormal behaviour unless interacted with.
is only to be opened during testing, as is the room in which SCP-XXXX-A is stored. Entry codes are to be given only to authorized research and security personnel. No other containment protocols required. Protocols based off of SCP-025.
SCP-XXXX-A is a wardrobe standing approximately 1.5 meters tall including the legs (which hold the main body of the item approximately 0.08M off the floor. Its construction appears consistent with traditional Chinese construction techniques. SCP-XXXX-A always contains precisely 30 examples of SCP-XXXX-B when opened in the main hangar area of the wardrobe as well as shoes appropriate for the costume in the topmost cupboards.

SCP-XXXX-B are the articles of clothing found within the wardrobe. Each item appears to be in good condition with no sign of wear, abrasion, staining, odor or discolouration. Items are hung on aluminium wire coat hangers and wrapped in a thin transparent layer of plastic, consistent with local dry-cleaning methods. When unobserved and not worn, examples of SCP XXXX-B will vanish. SCP XXXX-B appear to be easily destroyed by fire without evident side-effects.

Note Despite the obvious differences in design SCP-XXXX-A bears marked notable similarities in function to SCP-025 and it may be worth investigating any potential link between the two. Further experiments involving adding items to SCP-XXXX-A may also be informative.

Experiments with D-Class personnel
4 SCP staff overseeing test:
*Testing: Dr █████ █████, Dr ███████ ███████,
*Guard: ██████ █████████
*Medical: ████████ ██████
6x D-Class personnel requisitioned for testing. Each subject wearing a standard issue hospital gown was asked to approach SCP-XXXX-A, withdraw a single item of clothing and dress themselves in it. Responses were measured over a 12 hour period in testing facility ██

Experiment XXXX-B-01: 24 year old Asian Male of heavy build, 1.65M tall, (Criminal History: Rape, Domestic Abuse, Assault and Resisting arrest)
Item selected: Blue Kimono decorated in a style consistent with Edo period fashions. Accessories included an obi (belt), wooden sandals and an under-shirt consistent with the period.

  • 0 Hours – Subject dresses, complaints are made about privacy, which are over-ruled.
  • 3 Hours - Subjects attempts to communicate with staff become difficult and punctuated by bursts of what is assumed to be Japanese.
  • 6 Hours – Subject has lapsed entirely into Japanese by this point and attempted to have a heated argument with guards. Subject also demonstrated confusion, agitation and aggression from mundane objects.
  • 9 Hours – Subject attacked guard with small bladed weapon approximately 6 inches in length tentatively identified as an Edo-period tanto. Subject killed by guards in self-defence.
  • 12 Hours – N/A

A further examination of subjects background indicates that they were 3rd generation Chinese-American and had no previous known encounters with Japanese culture or language beyond sushi bars. There is no indication of where the knife originated from, although slow-motion replay shows it being drawn from the belt of the costume. At time of death subject displayed slightly altered bone structure and skin tone compared with pre-test records.

Experiment XXXX-B-02: 56 year old Caucasian male of average build 1.68M tall (Criminal History: Three counts of Murder 2st degree – violent)
Item selected: A 3-piece suit, beige with a fedora hat, with a slip of paper marked “press-pass” in the hat-band.

  • 0 Hours: Subject dresses without complaint, comments that the suit feels very comfortable and asks if he could keep it when the testing is over. Displays incredulity about the nature of the test and enquires if we are part of a reality TV show.
  • 3 Hours: Subject displays heightened curiosity and begins to ask probing questions of the researchers, showing both politeness and ability to perceive deception in testing staff.
  • 6 Hours: At subjects request a meal was provided, subject has been recording a transcript of everything said by SCP staff in a small leather-bound notebook and stub-pencil. Subject politely declined to surrender the items and threatened non-compliance if they were removed. After a brief discussion between testing staff it was decided to allow subject to keep these items.
  • 9 Hours: Subjects line of enquiry has changed, rather than passive questioning subject has begun to speculate with alarming accuracy about the nature of SCP and its operatives.
  • 12 Hours: Subject told to remove clothing at conclusion of the test, subject kept overnight for further observation of long-term side-effects. Physical examination shows that signs of ageing have been noticeably reduced. In post-test interview subject claims no knowledge of Criminal History or former life, but claims to be an investigative reporter for the New York Times. Many aspects of his claim are anachronistic however and a type A Amnesiac was administered.

Experiment XXXX-B-03: 19 year old Caucasian female of slight build 1.45M tall (Criminal History: Murder 1st degree – poisoning)
Item selected: A red cocktail style dress with pillbox-style hat. Hat-pin was included in costume but was confiscated. Stockings, suspenders and a pair of red high-heeled shoes were also included

  • 0 Hours: Subject requests privacy and refuses to dress until that is provided. After several threats from staff, a compromise is reached, only female members of staff will watch her as she changes.
  • 3 Hours: Subject has requested drinks. Bottled water was provided. Subject begins to talk extensively about her life. Details given begin to increasingly deviate from our records as time progresses.
  • 6 Hours: Subject has become intoxicated. Examination of the liquids provided have been replaced or altered, bottle is now glass and contains alcoholic spirits.
  • 9 Hours: When questioned subject gave incorrect personal details. At time +09:58 she was discovered having sex with the guard whilst reports were being typed up. ██████ █████████ was a capable an experienced professional with no prior history of misconduct or psychological abnormalities. When questioned ██████ █████████ described a fugue state when left alone. For the remainder of the testing period a minimum of two personnel were stationed inside the room at all times.
  • 12 Hours: At time +11:24 into the test subject procured a small derringer style pistol, making derogatory remarks about men and attempted to use the weapon to secure her escape. ██████ █████████ successfully subdued her without incident. Class A amnesiac recommended. Video footage shows the firearm coming from a firearms holster on the subjects inner thigh.

Experiment XXXX-B-05: 34 year old Caucasian male of slight build, 1.74M tall (Criminal History: Terrorism charges – multiple counts of mass-murder by explosives and one count of hijacking)

  • Experiment halted due to security concerns

Experiment XXXX-B-06: 28 year old black male of heavily muscled build, 1.90M tall (Criminal History: Murder 2nd degree, Kidnapping and a long history of violent crimes)

  • Experiment halted due to security concerns

Subjects 5 and 6 were returned to the holding facility. Recommend surviving subjects 1-4 be terminated as the physical symptoms of SCP-XXXX-B have not reversed themselves and the potential for them to gain access to weapons should not be overlooked.

Urgent Update
No record can be found of 4th D-class test subject. Recordings show only 5 D-class personnel, 2 researchers, 1 guard and one member of the medical staff entering and leaving the testing environment despite contradictory records indicating that 6 D-class assets were taken from holding. All staff involved in the test have voluntarily submitted themselves for identity verification and testing as per standing SCP procedures, pending OS-5 review.

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