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Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Three bulbs are to remain in Foundation freezer unit 411-B in three separate air-tight hydration units. Two flowers from the plant will be kept as well. The combination to locker 411-B is to be kept with Dr. [REDACTED] and given out only on basis of approved research request. Only personnel with Level 3 security clearance may access SCP-xxxx.

Description: SCP-xxxx, when manifested, is a mass of lily-like flowers which root themselves in deep muscle tissue and bloom on the surface of the skin. For this reason, the plant has only been found to bloom on human victims, though it will bloom in full on other animal subjects so long as they are clean shaved or otherwise rid of fur. The plant also appears to be intolerant of thick scales or other keratin reserves, such as fingernails. The plant has been found able to grw on dead issue, just so long as the tissue is heated to normal body temperature. However, if the outside environment exceeds 20 degrees celcius, the plant consumes and grows at twice its normal speed. It will not flower under such circumstances, rather morphing into a tough, psiny series of vines. After manifestation, the plant will bear several small white fruit which hang from the skeletal remains of the victim. Subjects can be easily infested through comsuming these fruit. Inhalation of or skin contact with pollen can cause severe complications due to toxicity levels. Upon consumption of the fruit, spores are disperesd throughout the bloodstream of the victim. From this point, the plant roots itself deep in the subject's muscles and bloom on the skin, first appearing as green and red seedlings. Attempts to pull the plant up are generally useless, as these are met with the release of a potent venom (assumed to soften the tissue and aid the plant in digestion, usually released at slower rates). Aside from this, the plant will regrow about sixty percent of the time. The plant will not respond to antibiotics, butcan be easily killed by low-grade pesticides. These, however, are toxic to the subject and will almost certainly kill them. After the plant comsumes all soft organic matter, the fruit are left hanging from the skeleton. They are most like an avocado in appearance; the shell is thick but easy to peel, and the inside is bright red and seedless. These are edible, and are reported to taste like raw meat laced with sugar, with the softness and texture of a peach.

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