Containment Procedure: SCP-XXX is deemed safe, and is kept in a standard photo album on Dr. XXX's desk. SCP-XXX-1 may occasionally become belligerent and uncooperative during interviews; if this becomes the case, SCP-XXX-1 is to be reminded of fire, or shown a flame from a match or a lighter.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small 30cm x 30cm sepia-toned photograph taken in the late 1800s. While it shows some wear around the edges, the image itself remains clear and undamaged. The photograph is of a view of East London's Brick Lane during market. The shadows seem to indicate that it is midday.

The photo is centred on a man in his mid-twenties to early thirties, with dark hair and eyes. This man, known as SCP-XXX-1, who refers to himself only as 'Jack', is the only part of the photograph that is mobile. His voice is completely audible and he is able to move around freely, even so far as to exit the frame as he sees fit. He is also able to enter and exit the buildings nearby, and can touch and move other members of the photograph; however, they are entirely unresponsive, even when SCP-XXX-1 strikes or shakes them. SCP-XXX-1 describes them as being like 'wax dolls'.

During interviews, SCP-XXX-1 has shown that it is of average to above average intelligence, despite its low level of education. It is quite calm and even amicable towards interviewers, to a point. It can read and write, and has given some insight to its side of the photograph. SCP-XXX-1 describes his side as being 'like a big window' through which he can see and watch us. He is unable to pass behind the window, and has made mention of several other windows like it, suggesting that there are a few more photographs like SCP-XXX to be found.

SCP-XXX-1 has been questioned on how it came to be trapped in the photograph, but appears to be withholding information. It also avoids speaking about its own personal history. Further interviews are pending and experiments to attempt to enter the photograph are underway.

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