Picture of SCP-XXXX taken at 2003-04-24, two weeks after recovery


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be assigned a secure storage vault. Access to SCP-XXXX requires approval from appropriate level 2 personnel. Non-standard procedures need approval from site command, and all test subjects restrained and injected with DH-2 sedatives.

Description: The object consists of a consumer-grade laser pointer, appearing to be a modified copy consistent with a line of devices manufactured by the "Renaissance Semiconductors" corporation, dissolved in 2008. When aimed at another living being and activated, the users mind is immediately replaced by the targets, and vice versa. Medical symptoms reported include mild headache and dizziness while the thought patterns adapt to its new host. If the mental faculties of one recipient is significantly lower than the other, permanent brain death is likely to result.

There is apparently no limit to the range or delay of the effect, see testing log SCP-XXXX-T25 for details. Further investigation into possible uses for superluminal communication has been scheduled.

The utility of the object is greatly reduced due to the likelihood of the user having his mind replaced by intervening microorganisms instead of the intended target. If the item is used in normal indoor conditions, the failure rate approaches 100%. When used in an cleanroom with disinfected subjects, the foundation has so far managed to reduce the failure rate to 63%. Due to the presence of intracellular mitochondria which readily interfere with the process, the theoretical optimal human success rate is 82%.

When applied on multicellular organisms like algae or amoebae, some rudimentary intelligence is retained. Subjects have been observed to make (largely unsuccessful) attempts to consume food and defend themselves.

History: SCP-XXXX was recovered - along with basic instructional material - from the ruins of Prometheus Labs inc. during a sweep of the area.

Log of tests with SCP-1389:
Date: 2003-07-11
Subject: D-class personnel D-[XXXX/T1]-1, D-[XXXX/T1]-2
Procedure: D-1 was told to point SCP-1389 at D-2 and activate it. Dr. Motohashi and Agent Edwards on standby.
Details: D-1 immediately collapsed. Two hours later, cessation of brain activity was confirmed by Dr. Motohashi. No effect on D-2 was observed beyond mild psychological stress.

The intervening failed tests have been excluded, and are available at Site-15 on request. Dr. Sumner's theory of microorganism interference was confirmed correct on the 12th trial.

Date: 2003-09-03
Subject: D-class personnel D-[XXXX/T14]-1, D-[XXXX/T14]-2
Procedure: Process was carried out in cleanroom 2 at Site-24. D-2 was disinfected, and given a mild sedative. D-1 was told to point SCP-XXXX at D-2 and activate it. Dr. Sumner and Agent Edwards on standby.
Details: Both subjects appeared shocked, stating that they were in fact each other, but appeared physically unharmed. Subjects calmed down after Dr. Sumner assured them the process was fully reversible.

D-1 and D-2 was kept under medical surveillance for two months before a reversal was attempted. After the first failed and left D-2 comatose, a second trial was deemed too risky. D-1 was administered Class-D amnestics and returned to Site-15 rotation.

Notice: To prevent confusion, make sure you use the name of the original body in your reports! E.g. the individual "Able" in the body of "Baker" should only be referred to as "Baker"! - Dr. Sumner

Date: 2003-10-27
Subject: D-class personnel D-[XXXX/T18]-1, Canine CA-[XXXX/T18]-1
Procedure: Standard cleanroom protocol applied. D-1 was told to use SCP-XXXX on CA-1, an adult dog of partial German Shepherd breed. Dr. Motohashi and Agent Matthews on standby.
Details: D-1 immediately attacked Agent Matthews and was subsequently put down. CA-1 was transferred to Site-104 and studied by vet. Strickson, whose report stated that approximately 40% of D-1's cognitive capabilities were retained.
CA-1 was later adopted by Dr. Motohashi. Requests for additional information on CA-1's current status should be made to the 03 personnel of Site-15.

Date: 2003-11-02
Subject: D-class personnel D-[XXXX/T19]-1
Procedure: Standard cleanroom protocol applied. D-1 was made to apply SCP-XXXX on a colony of Escherichia coli bacteria. Dr. Sumner on standby.
Details: To determine if the mind-replacement effect is strictly psychological, the 6-week old D-1 was selected as subject. After successful replacement, D-1 was placed in foster care and subjected to routine medical exams with the excuse of them having a rare hereditary disease.
Update 2010-02-06: D-1, "Escher", now 6 years old, is displaying mental scores consistent with his lower-quartile peers, but is otherwise unaffected. I recommend we reduce observational visits to once a year. - Dr. Sumner

Date: 2004-05-11
Subject: D-class personnel D-[XXXX/T25]-1
Procedure: To determine the distance limitations of the object, the test was carried out in SCP-VC-3, foundation high-altitude observation craft. SCP-XXXX was attached to a gyroscopic stabilizer, pointing towards at RA 05h 16.2m dec +34° 28′, roughly corresponding to the IC405 nebula in the constellation Auriga. D-1 was told to use SCP-XXXX.
Details: The foundation lost contact with SCP-VC-3 shortly after the test was scheduled to begin. Followed by foundation radar, the plane lost altitude and subsequently crashed 3 minutes later in a field near ██████, France. An autopsy of the remains of D-1 showed abnormal blue-tinted growths in the subjects brain.

Cause of death for the 3 crew members and Agent ████ determined to be simultaneous intracerebral hemorrhaging. High-altitude testing of SCP-XXXX discontinued by order of O5-6.

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