Moving Pictures

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is deemed safe, and is kept in a photo album in a standard lockbox, and may be signed out by regular personnel for interviews. Experiments must be cleared with Doctors XXX and YYY.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small 30cm x 30cm sepia-toned photograph taken in the late 1800s. While it shows some wear around the edges, the image itself remains clear and undamaged. It was found wedged in the pages of a book in London's XXXX library by Doctor XXX on XX/YY/19XX. The photograph is of a view of East London's Brick Lane during a Sunday market. The shadows seem to indicate that it is midday.

The photo is centred on a man in his mid-twenties to early thirties, with dark hair and eyes. This man, known as SCP-XXX-1, refers to himself only as 'Jack', and is the only part of the photograph that is mobile. He is able to move around freely, even so far as to exit the frame as he sees fit. He is also able to enter and exit the buildings nearby, and can touch and move other members of the photograph; however, they are entirely unresponsive, even when SCP-XXX-1 strikes or shakes them. SCP-XXX-1 describes them as being like 'wax dolls'.

SCP-XXX-1 is educated enough to be able to read and write, and can communicate via sheets of paper. He is also able to read and respond to questions written out by interviewers, which has given some insight to his side of the photograph. SCP-XXX-1 describes his side as being 'like a big window' through which he can see and watch us. He is unable to pass behind the 'window', and has made mention of several other windows like it, suggesting that there are a few more photographs like SCP-XXX to be found.

SCP-XXX-1 has been questioned on how it came to be trapped in the photograph, but appears to be withholding information. It also avoids speaking about its own personal history. Further interviews are pending and experiments to attempt to enter the photograph are underway.

Addendum XXX-01: The following is the transcribed interview with SCP-XXX-1, conducted by Doctors XXX and YYY on XX-XX-19XX.

Don't Touch!

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-XXX must be monitored closely for signs of expansion. No civilians are allowed within 30 metres of SCP-XXX; the municipality is under the impression that the building is in legal limbo, pending destruction. Care must be taken that SCP-XXX's resident vermin do not contaminate the surrounding residential areas, and thus must be terminated on sight. Any manifestations of entity SCP-XXX-1 must be reported to Site 17 immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is an apartment block and approximately 10 metres of its surrounding area, located on the outskirts of XXXXX, in XXXX, Canada. Local records state the building was completed in 1968. Its current owners' whereabouts are unknown. There are no longer any tenants living in SCP-XXX; the last known residents left in 1972.

SCP-XXX and its surrounding area are completely inundated with waste. Any groups wishing to explore SCP-XXX must each be outfitted with the following:

One Hazmat suit
One wireless communications headset, uplinked to a secure location
One walkie-talkie
One GPS locator

In addition to the following, one member of the group must be outfitted with a flamethrower, and a detox station must be set up approximately 20 metres from SCP-XXX's perimeter. All personnel other than D-Class must be outfitted with a Foundation standard-issue firearm and X rounds of ammo.

Upon initial examination, SCP-XXX appears to be an extremely severe case of compulsive hoarding; entrance to the building required the front doors to be completely removed. The hoard itself seems to consist mainly of garbage, animal waste, and vermin. However, when local cleanup crews arrived to clear the area in 19XX, they were accosted by an invisible entity, deemed SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 first manifested itself as a whispering voice, imploring the crew to 'leave my things alone, I need them to be…', but as cleanup commenced, it quickly became violent; trucks were overturned, and their contents redistributed back into the hoard. Several personnel were injured by flying debris, and a few were dragged into the building proper. Their bodies have not been located and they are assumed dead.

The area's perimeter was sealed and exploration of SCP-XXX began on XX/XX/20XX. Refer to Exploration Log XXX for details.

ADDENDUM: As of XX/XX/19XX, any animal life is considered by SCP-XXX-1 to be part of the hoard, and must be left unharmed. Nonlethal methods of capture and release back into the hoard must be observed after Incident XXX, during which XX personnell were injured, and X were taken by the entity as part of its hoard.


Exploration Group Alpha consists of two D-Class personnel, 6435 and 6436, Doctor XXX and Agent XXX. Doctor YYY is on stand-by in the communications station, located at [DATA EXPUNGED]. Doctor ZZZ and 3 other D-Class personnel are also on standby, manning the detox station located 30 metres from SCP-XXX. All members of the exploration team are outfitted in hazmat suits with respirators, wireless headsets and video camera feeds. All Agents and Doctors are outfitted with standard-issue firearms and ammo; Agent XXX is also outfitted with a flamethrower.

Dr. YYY: All communications systems confirmed as functional. Please approach the building.

Agent XXX leads the group towards the entrance. They are forced to climb over the pile of garbage to enter the lobby proper. The lobby is almost completely filled by trash.The amount of trash is such that the team is able to walk on top of it with relative ease.

D-6435: Holy mother of God.

D-6436: What the fuck is this? I think I just saw a rat the size of my fucking arm!

Agent XXX: I don't see any doors. We may have to dig.

Agent XXX takes D-6435 and does a sweep of the room. After two minutes, they uncover the top of a doorframe. The rest of the team joins them and after seven minutes, enough space is cleared that the door is accessible. A very worn sign on it reads MEETING ROOM. Agent XXX and Dr. XXX work to force it open.

Dr. XXX: Dammit, it won't budge further. [He beckons to Agent XXX] See if you can get the flamethrower through the opening and torch some of this useless shit.

As Dr. XXX finishes speaking, some audio interference is overheard on the headsets, consisting of almost inaudible whispering. Agent XXX comes forwards and wedges the nozzle of the flamethrower through the opening. The instant he begins to fire, the whispering changes to a horrendous screech. Both D-Class personnel are seized by an unseen force and are dragged backwards into the mounds of waste. The video feed becomes less and less clear as debris begins to be flung about. Agent XXX ceases firing and begins to climb back up the pile of waste, but is seized as well. Dr. XXX, shouting incoherently, fires at random and manages to clamber back up the garbage heap, and makes for the door. The screaming becomes intelligible at this point.


The entity repeats this over and over again as Dr. XXX slides down the pile to the entrance. Doctor ZZZ sends her D-Class personnel to escort him to the detox station.

Linus's Gift

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX are to be kept in a standard lockbox, and signed out for the purposes of experiments, save in emergency situations (see below).

Description: SCP-XXX is a white blanket, approximately XX by XXcm. No manufacturing tags are apparent on the specimen. It appears to be made of ordinary cotton weave.

SCP-XXX are extremely resilient against tearing, requiring very sharp objects in order for any of the threads to be severed. Upon being severed, however, the threads will re-weave themselves within 16 hours, with no visible sign that any damage was made. If a piece is removed from SCP-XXX, within 16 hours, the gap will have miraculously regenerated, making the item whole again. The piece removed becomes an ordinary cotton blanket and exhibits none of SCP-XXX's anomalous properties.

Upon holding SCP-XXX, a person who has recently gone through a trauma, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological, they will immediately be filled with a sense of complete calmness and safety, which will remain for the duration of their possession of SCP-XXX, and lingers for approximately 72 hours afterwards. These effects can be repeated almost indefinitely; refer to Item #XXX for details.

If the holder keeps SCP-XXX for longer than XX minutes, they fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, which lasts for approximately 8 hours. Upon awakening, the holder is filled with feelings of great calm, peace, and happiness, and is totally refreshed. These feelings persist for between 7 and XX days, during which SCP-XXX has no further effects on the holder if it is attempted to be re-used. The effects of SCP-XXX can only be experienced again to their full effect if the holder waits XXX days.

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