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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is kept within a containment room measuring 8m by 8m by 9m with a second floor inside, SCP-XXX´s containment room is at least 1km away from any human settlement. SCP-XXX must, at all times, be attached to two floors. SCP-XXXs containment room may never be entered by less than 5 people at a time. At all times SCP-XXX must stand at the center of the room. Two microphones are installed around SCP-XXX. If a microphones fails it is to be replaced immediately. Testing on SCP-XXX is allowed. All subject are to be made aware of the effects of SCP-XXX before testing and the consequences which will follow if they do not leave the stairs by the one minute threshold. All subjects on SCP-XXX are to be removed before SCP-XXX-1 reaches them; if the subject won't jump and personnel are unable to remove the subject, the subject is to be terminated immediately. If SCP-XXX-1 reaches a living subject, the containment room is to be locked down for the next three hours.

Description: SCP-XXX is a spiral staircase, approximately 5m high. The staircase revolves around a pole 0.5m in diameter. The moment a human subject sets both feet on the first or last tread of the staircase he or she will be unable to leave the stairs in the normal way. Subjects standing on the stairs claim to be in a world devoid of anything but more staircases. When standing on the stairs, subjects view the first tread as the starting tread of two exactly mirrored spiral staircases; moving away from the starting tread the stairs seem to have no end. The only way for subjects to escape SCP-XXX is by jumping over the handrail, though most subjects which have not been informed about the nature of SCP-XXX will not jump.

If a subject has not descended or ascended during a one minute period, SCP-XXX's secondary effect is activated. Subjects on the stairs will start hearing loud banging and scratching. Subjects near the staircase will hear the same sounds though on a lower volume then anyone on the stairs. Over a span of three minutes this sound will increase in volume. Subjects on the stairs will become increasingly paranoid as the volume increases. Whether the subject starts moving or remains on the same tread, the sound of the footsteps will come closer at the same amount of time. The origin of the sound, SCP-XXX-1, has never reached the subject except in the first test.(see: Incident-XXX-1). Attempting to view SCP-XXX-1 using any kind of machinery will always result in failure, it is unknown how SCP-XXX-1 affects machines.

Addendum-XXX-1: Video footage of the other staircases around SCP-XXX was recorded by Agent ███. After escaping SCP-XXX by jumping over the handrail, Agent ███ only suffered minor injuries. Doctor N█████ recommended searching for more instances of SCP-XXX after viewing the footage.

Addendum-XXX-1b: Five other instances of SCP-XXX have been found and destroyed. Destroying other instances of SCP-XXX has not elicit any response from the contained instance.

Addendum-XXX-2: Anyone viewing subjects on the stairs will see the subject reappear at its starting position when it has passed the end of the staircase. Multiple subjects moving in opposite direction will claim not to meet each other; anyone viewing the subjects will see them pass through each other. If multiple subjects are on SCP-XXX and one of the subjects halts for one minute, SCP-XXX-1 will try to come after all subjects, SCP-XXX-1 will only stop when all subjects on the stairs are either removed or killed.



14:00 D-893 steps on the first stead of SCP-XXX. D-893 looks surprised and slightly terrified saying that he sees "An abyss filled with other staircases". Doctor Z██ orders the subject to ascend.

14:48 D-893 stops moving due to exhaustion.

14:49 D-893 jumps up asking if anyone else can hear scratching, Doctor Z██ confirms that he can hear scratching and orders D-893 to move towards the sound. D-893 refuses to move.

14:50 Doctor Z██ states that D-893 will be terminated if he doesn't start moving towards the sound. D-893 complies.

14:52 audio picks up sound of scratching and banging

14:53 (from this point on untill 16:53 no video is available due to the nature of SCP-XXX-1.) Doctor Z██ is heard saying "It took D-893 but it doesn't seem like it can see us, it's just walking down."

(During the following two hours, only SCP-XXX-1 is heard.)

16:53 (The sounds of SCP-XXX stops and video resumes.) Video shows SCP-XXX's contaiment room completely empty except for SCP-XXX, all equipment unattached to the containment room has disappeared.



12:12 SCP-XXX-1's sound is heard on all of Researc sector-54's videocameras. Doctor Almear, the main researcher of SCP-XXX at that time, panicks and locks down the entire facility. Video footage of all staircases, even non-spiral, show people unable to leave instead reappearing at their starting when passing over the final stead.

12:14 An increase in the volume of SCP-XXX-1's sound is heard

12:15 (from this point on until 14:15 no video, except of other containment rooms, is available due to the nature of SCP-XXX-1)

13:00 Doctor Almear is heard saying "They came down every staircase in the facility, i can't use any staircase cause they're all like XXX. XXX-1 has many hands and" Doctor Almear is heard running presumeably followed by an instance of SCP-XXX-1.

14:08 Doctor Almear is heard "I'm almost through the lockdown, besides me everyone is dead. XXX-1 takes all its victims up the stairs. I don't know what it does to them and I probably won't survive this lockdown. Change the SCP so this never happens again"

14:15 (The sounds of SCP-XXX stops and video resumes.) Video footage shows that all objects not attached to walls have disappeared, including multiple safe SCPs.

After viewing this footage Doctor N█████ recommended transferring SCP-XXX out of the urban area, Doctor N█████ is now the main researcher of SCP-XXX.

Note:We are not going to find out how far away from xxx someone can die without activating it, we'll stick to one kilometer- Doctor N█████


(the narrator)

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:



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