Containment Protocol: Control all access to the building. The lobby must have a minimum of three Foundation agents at all times, posing as building security: the cognitive fuzzing effect only affects individuals.

Current containment protocol: (um, not sure yet). Has to be on the ground floor, though. Entity is able to disguise itself: if the containment chamber seems empty, gas it for one full minute before entering to investigate. Two (2) kilograms of raw ground meat are to be placed into its containment chamber on Mondays and Thursdays.

Description: SCP-XXX is an 11-story office building in [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX-2 is (some sort of entity) which, until Incident XXX-7, inhabited the building now known as SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-2 was captured in the aftermath of Incident XXX-7.

('Inhabited' means more than it would for a human, I think. It somehow… permeated the substance of the building?)

Entity can induce brief 'cognitive fuzz' effect and spatial distortions to get people lost, and keep them that way. It enjoys tormenting people, and eats them.

Incident XXX-7: On [date], D-XXX-12 was sent in to SCP-XXX to explore the fourth and fifth floors (former site of the [REDACTED] Advertising Agency). D-XXX-12 was [REDACTED], a convicted arsonist and rapist serving eight life sentences without possibility of parole. After becoming lost within the Agency's offices and reporting via radio that he was being hunted, D-XXX-12 built an incendiary device from abandoned electrical equipment and office supplies (and "some [EXPLETIVE] I found in some stupid [EXPLETIVE]'s desk drawer"), and set fire to the building despite express orders to continue exploring.

(Traffic patterns were altered?) to delay the arrival of civilian fire crews, and the building was destroyed within two hours; damage to surrounding buildings was minimal. Subsequent exploration of the wreckage revealed (+100) human skeletons with [DATA EXPUNGED] (of which (+10) were identified as D-class personnel lost in previous exploration attempts) and the unconscious, badly-burned entity.

DISCIPLINARY NOTE: Dr. █████████ was chastised for negligence in her choice of D-class personnel; however, since this led directly to the capture of SCP-XXX-2, disciplinary measures have been waived.

Other ideas:
*Glockenspiel of Grief (Marshall Carter Dark) - ideally it would be every 6(?)-note pattern that triggers a memory loop, but we don't have the songbook (except the first two pages). So we do have the deactivation sequence.

*Flashback Knife for decisions - cutting person makes you see every decision they made in their life that led to their being here right now getting cut

*von Neumann's air freshener - once you're affected (by smell? touch?), your pores begin to constantly exude a pine-fresh scent. Which is extremely bad for human health and means you need dialysis, etc. And perhaps the effect spreads to other people from you? Maybe it's a Factory item?

++Angry hologram projector (salvaged from Solomen's idea, which sank to -41)++


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: After several attempts by SCP-xxxx to escape, it has been locked in a 1m x 1m x 1m ceramic vault, coated in a layer of EMI/RFI shielding. The locking mechanism is manual and composed of magnetically inert materials.

All personnel within five (5) meters of SCP-xxxx, even during its inactive phase, must conceal their Foundation ID badges.

Forensic examination of SCP-1599 must be done during its inactive phase, and must be finished one hour before SCP-xxxx reactivates.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a black ceramic disk, 30 cm in diameter and 15 cm thick, containing a sophisticated hologram projector, a loudspeaker, and a hostile intelligence. Radiographic and ultrasound examination of SCP-xxxx (while inactive) indicate that it is a solid block of ceramic with no internal components.

SCP-xxxx also contains 7 (seven) mechanical legs, and the damaged remnants of two others. These legs are retractable and highly articulated, and are 19 cm long at full extension. The tips of SCP-xxxx's legs use three methods for climbing and adhering to surfaces: three legs have adhesive setae, three legs have spikes and barbs, and the remaining leg projects small electromagnetic fields (it is presumed that the missing legs likewise projected electromagnetic fields). Its running speed has been recorded at 4 m/s and its climbing speed at 2 m/s, but — due to its missing legs — it falls after, on average, 3 seconds.

When interrogated, SCP-xxxx uses its projector to create animated, high-resolution holograms with which it attempts to cajole, bribe, and threaten the Foundation into releasing it. These holograms are most commonly images of female celebrities, but can also be replicas of personnel with whom SCP-xxxx has interacted.

Every 40 (forty) hours, SCP-xxxx will state that it is "tired", and then deactivate its projector, speaker, and legs, and cease responding to all stimuli. It will remain in this inactive state for exactly 11 (eleven) hours.

Solomen has given me permission to rewrite this; I will begin in the morning because I'm tired.

I see exactly what it needs.

It's the disk. It's got a few separate holograms, but they all have the same essential behavior. We're pretty sure it has laser projectors because those are needed to make holograms, but it doesn't use them as weapons. Maybe it doesn't know it can?

It's not as maneuverable as a spider, but it's pretty maneuverable.

And it keeps trying to escape.

I see how to fix this, and I just need a little time and consciousness with which to do so.

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