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SPC-x and SPC-x-1 outside of containment

Item #: SCP-x

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X must be contained in a small 27x63X38 centimeters wooden crate, with a standard lock. Only one key may be made available to a single level 3 personnel. SCP-X-1 must be kept in a separate wooden box of appropriate length, locked with a combination lock. This combination must be known by only one level 3 personnel, who may never remain closer than 3 meters from either container for more than 20 seconds. Both the keyholder and the combination holder are never to be allowed in the same room with SCP-X and SCP-X-1 at the same time, save for testing.

Description: SCP-x is, by all appearances, a normal wooden violin. It was hand carved in ████ by famous luthier ██████ ███ ███████. It is made out of a light wood that resembles spruce, but testing has shown it is from no known material on record. It is a 4/4 violin, giving it a total of 35 cm. The strings are normal strings, and all of the other parts are interchangeable with any existing violin. The front has the standard F-holes, only they have been burned into the front on the middle bout, on each side of the strings. This feat has proven noteworthy as extensive testing has proven SCP-x non flammable.

SCP-X-1 is a bow of 75 cm length, and composed of the same material as SCP-x, exhibiting the same fire proof qualities and light hue. As with the violin, any hair for the bow is able to be used or interchanged. When SCP-x-1 is used to play SCP-x, the last song the violinist heard will be flawlessly played, although completely in violin notes. The effect has proved true even for solo vocal performances, although instead of a words or a voice, the violin merely plays the melody. How it achieves this, or the replication of multi-instrument pieces is unknown, and attempts to play single notes or other songs have proved impossible.

SCP-x and SCP-X-1, when used in conjunction, will transform any object being observed into a different object or material up to twelve feet away. The effect only takes hold when SCP-x-1 has made a full pass over the strings. So far there is no way to control what material or object is chosen to replace the intended target, and testing is on going. Organic or inorganic material is treated without prejudice, and can be exchanged for one another. If another bow is used with SCP-X, the violin will simply make a long hissing noise and no effect is observed. If SCP-x-1 is used on an ordinary violin, the violin will shatter into pieces, rendering it unusable.

SCP-X was found by Doctor ████████ on 12/14/1984 during a special out door Christmas concert. During a rendition of "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer," that did not include the string section until the second half of the performance, Doctor ████████ noted that," The sheet music, the music stand, the band members and all instruments directly in front of one violinist became red nosed reindeer, which proceeded to become frenzied, ending the performance early." The performer was interviewed on how he obtained the object, and said he had purchased it at a local pawn shop after his previous violin broke during practice, but was unable to remember where it was. He mentioned he was unable to test out the new violin before the performance due to time constraints, and did not expect anyone to notice. The aforementioned pawn shop was unable to be located. SCP-X and SCP-X-1 were taken into custody immediately afterwards, and Class-B amnesiacs were given all surviving band and audience members. A cover story involving a local case of rabies was used to explain the continuing local reports of rampaging reindeer, until all specimens were found and put down. For further information, see Test Log 13C.

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