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SCP-1330 submerged in water during its initial extraction

Item #: SCP-1330

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1330 is held in a 5x10x3 meter tank made of 3m thick fiberglass reinforced with a composite plastic cage, the tank must be filled with liquid coolant at all times. SCP-1330 may be removed for up to 10 hours for testing purposes, but its legs, arms, and neck are to be restrained at all times. Restraints are to be replaced every 72 hours.
Non D-class Personnel may only observe SCP-1330 for 2 hours at a time, any longer and they will be administered phsychotherapy.
Any personnel that has come into direct contact with SCP-1330-1 are to be treated within 3 hours.
Any personnel attempting to 'rescue' SCP-1330 are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-1330 is a large pale humanoid being standing at approximately 10m in height with long, thin arms and legs, a short, thick neck and no face. Study of the being has shown that it may have been artificially created but by who or what is unknown, though the subject appears to have many organic components such as working organs many of them are unrecognizable and their functions remain unknown.

If SCP-1330's external temperature exceeds 56° C it begins to 'sweat' a deep orange fluid (hereby referred to as SCP-1330-1) that is extremely corrosive to metallic substances, most other materials are affected by this effect as well though at a greatly reduced rate, especially with plastics and fibers. SCP-1330's external temperature begins to rise slowly when removed from its cage and takes about a total of 12 hours to exceed its heat limit after being removed from its tank.

SCP-1330 also emits an electrical field that has adverse effects on electronics, the field is effective at about 12 meters and has damaged larger machines such as robotic arms and vehicles, even effectively destroyed smaller devices like cellular phones and other personal devices. The coolant in SCP-1330's tank suppresses the power of its field as to only causing minimal harm to larger devices.

SCP-1330's most prominent effect however is another ability derived from its electrical field, researches who have observed it over a period of 2 hours begin seeing quick flashes in their mind or beings described as "human but not quite right". Though they begin as flashes the more exposure to SCP-1330 the more vivid and detailed they become. At two hours the affected see only quick flashes of a vague figure or figures, at 5 hours the affected see more detail in the beings and are able to describe the environment at a minimum level of detail, at 7 hours the affected see moving images with more detail including other senses, primarily sound and smell, usually involving more than just the figures or even excluding them completely recalling entire events, at 9 hours the affected recalls the visions with great detail and begins to mistake them for their own memory. Victims of this effect interpret the visions as a type of warning or a plea often referring to some sort of catastrophe that is going to happen or already has happened, some are driven mad by it and will attempt to free SCP-1330 from containment in order to answer its perceived call. Personnel who have become too affected by SCP-1330 are reclassed as SCP-1330-2 and are detained for further study and interrogation.

Occasionally SCP-1330 will violently twitch inside its containment causing damage or a breach, requiring restraints to prevent this though the subject's thrashing is still noticeable and causes damage to its bonds. It is still undetermined whether or not the item is in fact sentient or even alive as it shows little thought or sentience on its own but those affected refer to it as though it is in fact a living being.

Addendum 1330-C: Experiment to see effects of prolonged exposure to SCP-1330:

D-1330-2 was assigned to 24 hours of exposure to SCP-1330 and subsequently interviewed. Subject was too distressed to be completely coherent but confirmed that the figures the the affecteds' visions are in fact [REDACTED] but remained unspecific as to what the catastrophe is or what caused it. D-1330-2 committed suicide shortly after being refused further contact with SCP-1330.

Addendum 1330-1-G: Experiments to test effects of SCP-1330-1:

SCP-1330-1 is being tested on various types of materials to observe its effectiveness. Samples have proven to be extremely corrosive to metals, the weaker the metal the quicker the effect. Organic materials such as skin and plant matter are effected minimally, tests on fibrous substances and plastics were the least effective. Tests have been conducted on organic tissue, beginning with scarring the tissue and eventually eating through the epidermal layer after approximately 4 hours. Test subjects exposed to SCP-1330-1 have described a semi-painful tingling feeling similar to blood recirculating through a limb that has fallen asleep. Plant matter, especially bark is very resilient to the degrading effects of SCP-1330-1.

Addendum 1330-1-K: Experiments for practical use of SCP-1330-1:

Research teams are currently working to find practical application for SCP-1330-1, recently a breakthrough came when using it for mining metals. The fluid could be injected into a rock containing metallic minerals and it would break down the metals and absorb them, it could later be evaporated leaving behind the extracted minerals. This however proved only effective in a small controlled environment as the rocks would be broken down as well by the liquid during much longer periods of time and what was left from evaporating SCP-XXX-1 was an unusable slurry formed from the broken down materials.

Addendum 1330-1-K2: Testing of SCP-1330-1's amalgamating effect:

After experiment 1330-1-K decided to try combining multiple minerals using the effects of the fluid using materials from gold to glass, the experiment yielded disappointing results as almost all tests resulted in an unusable paste, however the combination of granite and clay created a mildly effective adhesive.

Incident Report 1330-B:

Date: ██/██/18██

Location: Site-██

At 0300 hours Dr. Waleton broke into SCP-1330's tank aided by several D-class and attempted to load it onto a truck and escape the site. Dr. Waleton was quickly incapacitated and retrieved for questioning and the D-class terminated. Despite the damage caused to the truck by SCP-1330 the Dr. still attempted to frantically drive past the Foundation's blockade.

Interview I.1330-B: The following interview with Dr. Waleton after incedent 1330-B

Interviewed: Dr. Waleton

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Interrogation of Dr. Waleton after an attempted theft of SCP-1330

<Begin Log, 0600>

Dr. Waleton: W-where am I? Who are you?

Dr. ██████ Do you remember anything about the past 3 hours?

Dr. Waleton: Who are you?

Dr. ██████ Please answer the question.

Dr. Waleton: I can't… can't. No! No… I need to leave!

Dr. ██████ What do you remember?

Dr. Waleton: I saw them… all over the floor. Burning. Oh God the stench… I have to get out of here!

Dr. ██████ Why did you try to steal SCP-1330? Do you remember doing that?

Dr. Waleton: We needed to get out! I saw what happened to them… [REDACTED]! It's [REDACTED] can't you see!?

Dr. ██████ What is [REDACTED]?

Dr. Waleton: The-The… Them! They are all [REDACTED]! We needed to get out! To save [REDACTED]!

Dr. ██████ What's going to happen to [REDACTED]?

Dr. Waleton: The fire…bodies everywhere…The faces! Oh God what's wrong with their faces!

Dr. ██████ Please, I need you to be more specific.

Dr. Waleton: I think… I think… (sobbing)

Dr. ██████ We're done, thank you Doctor.

<End Log, 0643>

Closing Statement: Dr. Waleton has been transferred to Site-██ to see if distance from SCP-1330 will improve his condition.

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