The Voluntary Man

Item #: SCP-2345

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2345 requires no special containment other than that he not be allowed to leave Site-██. Subject's living quarters shall consist of a 10 (ten) meter square room furnished with any objects the subject desires, so long as they do not breach security. Subject is free to roam the premises of Site-██, accompanied by at least 1 (one) guard armed with a non-lethal firearm, from the hours of 0900 to 2200.

Description: SCP-2345 appears to be a healthy Caucasian male aged about 30 years, measuring approx. 175 cm and weighing approx. 70 kg. However, the abnormality appears when subject's life signs are monitored. Subject does not perform any bodily function involuntarily, instead controlling their speed and intensity to his will. Subject shows no ill effects when he neglects to perform vital functions such as breathing or beating his heart.

A list of normally involuntary actions that the Subject's body does not automatically perform is shown below.

Heartbeat, breathing, blinking, digestion, excretion, liver function, gag reflex, vomiting, sneezing, coughing, production of: antibodies, red and white blood cells, bile, stomach acids, scar tissue; blood clotting, hair and nail growth, fat collection, muscle building, nervous response, etc.

Addendum 2345-1:
Testing has been suggested between SCP-2345 and SCP-173. Approval pending.

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