Vomit hound

Item #: SCP-1442

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1442 is to be kept in Sector-25 and be given a diet of meat and water two (2) times a day. Personnel are required to wear some protective equipment including gloves and surgical masks before handling the organism. All subjects of SCP-1442-B must be contained in Bio Site-12. Personnel require a level 3 Security Clarence level to access both the main organism and subjects of SCP-1442-B.

SCP-1442 is currently held in Research Sector-15 awaiting possible termination. Absolutely no personnel may be in the pretense of the organism without a level 5 Security Clearance card. All samples of SCP-1442-B must be contained in a vacuum sealed container no bigger than an 4" by 6". SCP-1442-B is kept in Site-33 with 234 subjects currently being contained. Any strange behavior in the main organism must be reported immediately. This includes constant howling, walking astray, or any amount of movement that could be harmful to the organism. The tube connecting the organism to its tank must be connected to the stomach of the organism at all time. If it is broken or disconnected, any personnel nearby must be quarantined until further notice.

SCP-1442 is an adult canine with both Rottweiler and Greyhound features that stands 1.2 meters at the shoulder. The canine has a rotted appearance, as most of its hair has fallen off. At the end of its legs, it has human hands on the right front leg and back leg, with a human foot on the opposite side of each. The organism seems to have trouble walking, crouching, moving its head and other forms of movement, often yelping in pain.

SCP-1442 vomits every few hours, but no set pattern has be noticed. The organism often vomits a range of items such as muscle tissue, blood and small fragments of metal. On many occasions, the organism vomits long, oily black worms. Now called SCP-1442-B, they were shown to be highly radioactive. (See Incident-1442-2).

SCP-1442 was found in ██████, California after a bomb had been dropped there on █/██/19██


Addendum: Dr. ██████████ has requested that SCP-1442 be destroyed in risk of radioactive fallout. Awaiting response.

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