Vos Estis Sal Terrae...The End

Vos estis sal terrae.

Preserve what's good, prevent what's bad, purge evil…Sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, it should…That's what we do. That's what we've been doing for a while now. Not much purging though…But when did this all start? People realy like to think about the beggining and the end. Where did we begin? How did this start? What was the first SCP? When will we be allowed to go home, enjoy the rest of our lives in the peace and company of our loved ones, free from these nightmares and white, cold, dark corridors? I doubt most of us can live a normal life again, without fearing the dark and questioning reality…The beginning and the end?

There are a few theories. I belive that someone messed up at some point, dug to deep, asked too many questions…Then, they make these stories about the first SCP to cover up their mistakes. There's the one about the old evil factory that pumps out anomalies and feeds on Class-D people…and other people too. Apparently that was under our control for a while…Yes, we created the evil stuff, but that's just a tale, right?. There is another one where there is a guy from another dimension, whose world got destroyed because its people broke reality. Then, this man decided to help us delay the destruction of the rest of the world…They had the technology to break reality! How are WE suposed to deal with that? Once upon a time, a guy wondered into a never-ending road that somehow inspired him to create mister 173…and 058…and 231…Somewhere else, there is a pile of papers that apparently CREATES anomalies. An angel and a demon.

That's the beginning. We do what we do because of what happend then, and that's our job. Protect the world from the horrors we keep in our basements, and that's what we have to concentrate in doing! If a monster breaks out, we aren't going to worry about where it came from but about where it should be. The end is a different matter. You see, I belive in Heaven, and I belive in Hell. I belive in God, and I belive in the Devil. What exactly is reality? It can bend and break…We can create our own. Are there different realities or is there no reality at all? What's in the shadows when you're not looking? What is normal and what is anomalous? What exists and what is fantasy?

What is the end? There are many possible beginnings. These tales may or may not be real…Maybe all of them have a bit of truth, but in my opinion, non of it matters. Whatever happened in the past, we have to deal with it in the present, and then the end…The end…You want to know how everything ends? I'll tell you. When you blink near the statue, when you get stuck inside the tumor room, when the doctor tries to give you a nice handshake or when you come across the old man…That's when it ends.

Until then, Vos estis sal terrae. Secure, Contain and Protect…and then you die.

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