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File photo taken of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored in a room, containing a single queen sized bed with a single two-way mirror allowing full view of the area. The door to SCP-XXX’s containment area should be locked and secured at all times excluding during experimentation. Personnel (regardless of clearance level) wishing to make use of SCP-XXX for personal benefit must first be cleared by Dr. ██████ as he is [REDACTED] and therefore unable to make use of XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX was originally discovered in ██████, ████ during a police raid on the apartment of suspected serial rapist, A███ P████. Upon entering the apartment, police claimed to have found multiple young comatose women piled up in corners of the rooms. During the following search of the apartment, two officers were rendered unconscious after the suspect attempted to smother them with XXX. A███ P████ was apprehended after incapacitating a third officer with a simple blow to the head with XXX. Reports of the officers affected exhibiting strange behavior alerted the Foundation. It was at this point that the Foundation became involved and our agent at the scene retrieved SCP-XXX.

SCP-XXX appears to be a grey and white striped pillow made out of 100% cotton with no outer casing. It is unknown as to whether SCP-XXX is stuffed with any material, known or unknown as clearance for cutting open the item is pending due to possible ramifications, namely the possible disruption of the item’s abilities. Other attempts at discovering what is inside SCP-XXX such as ██████ scans yield no results and have been discontinued.

If any person’s head touches SCP-XXX they are rendered unconscious and presumed to be in a deep sleep as long as their head is in contact with the item. The subject will then remain in a sleeping state unless removed from XXX. If the subject is allowed contact with XXX for longer than two (2) hours it will become near impossible to rouse them, only one technique has yet been effective in eliciting a response from comatose individuals. Brain activity in comatose subjects is consistent with that of someone experiencing a lucid dream. Rapid eye movement and sleep paralysis in comatose subjects as well as statements from personnel who had used SCP-XXX support this.

Personnel questioned after being woken up claim that during their sleep they were sent into a state of lucid dreaming and could effectively do whatever they wanted. When subjects were informed that they had only been asleep for a short time they expressed great shock, claiming that they had been in their dream state for days. Most subjects express a desire to use SCP-XXX again immediately after waking up, however the desire is not compelling and is quelled if denied. Over time strange behavior will start to manifest within the subject. When reprimanded they will often act hysterically, claiming that they are still dreaming. This behavior typically begins five (5) minutes to one (1) hour after being woken up. This can lead to fatal consequences as they may attempt impossible feats such as flying, fighting Keter class SCPs/dangerous personnel and even [DATA EXPUNGED].

On very rare occasions an individual will awake from their sleep and feel overly energetic, feeling the need to constantly physically exert themselves. In these cases the individual will be unable to stop even to eat or drink. This condition has not yet proved fatal, as subjects will faint due to dehydration and exhaustion. Due to the rarity of this condition, proper study into whether there is any correlation between attributes of the subject and probability of the condition occurring is not yet possible.

Comatose subjects are only able to wake up if exactly 200mA of electric current are administered through electrodes similar to ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy). This level of current is on the border between almost assured death in subjects and the cause of muscular contractions in the heart, which increases the chance of the subject living. This appears to be the only technique that has any affect on the comatose subjects, higher currents yield no response. This can cause the death of the subjects depending on their health at the time of administration.

If a subject survives this procedure and is successfully awoken they will suffer from several side effects that are as of this moment incurable. Subjects will be unable to sleep at all after being woken up and will start to develop symptoms within two (2) to three (3) days. These symptoms are vastly similar to those suffered during sleep deprivation, however they are far more severe than is usual. Symptoms include nausea, tremors, hallucinations, severe mood swings, memory loss, migraines as well as many psychological defects such as paranoia, stress, hysteria and depression. Subjects will also enter a dream like state similar to the ninety-minute dream cycle observed during regular sleep. Subjects will appear to be suffering only from physical symptoms for ninety (90) minutes; they will then enter a waking dream like state for a further ninety (90) minutes in which they will display the above mental side effects. As subjects are incapable of sleep these symptoms will become more and more intense and severe. Subjects will eventually suffer from brain damage and mental degradation, which could result in violent or suicidal behaviour. If kept alive, subjects will refuse sustenance and will require force-feeding. Eventual loss of motor skills brings into question if there is any benefit in keeping subjects alive past this point.

Addendum XXX-001

Interviewed: D-1482
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Foreword: D-1482 has just woken up and is exhibiting symptoms of the rare condition brought on by SCP-XXX. He is the second and latest individual to develop the condition to date.
<Begin Log>
Dr. ██████: Ok D-1482, are you ready to begin?
D-1482: Yeah, is this gonna take long?
Dr. ██████: I'm sure that this interview will be over before you know it. First of all, how do you feel?
D-1482: I'm great! I feel great! I just want to get up and do something, y'know?
Dr. ██████: I understand completely, but you see we must adhere to protocol and walk through the motions. If you would try to answer the questions directly and refrain from-
D-1482: Listen, I understand. Can we just get on with it? (D-1482 has started drumming his fingers on the desk in front of him and tapping his feet)
Dr. ██████: Of course, now where was I? (Pause in which only D-1482's intense tapping, drumming and breathing can be heard) Ah yes, what did you experience while in your dream state?
D-1482: I was in a meadow and I saw this- Listen, can't I tell you about this while I'm working or something? There's no need for us to be just sitting down here.
(At this point, before Dr. ██████ could respond D-1482 suddenly got up from his chair and proceeded to sprint around the interview room. The sound of him colliding repeatedly with the walls can be heard for a further seven (7) minutes. Attempts by Dr. ██████ to interrupt this behavior prove useless.)
<End Log>
Closing Statement: D-1482 was eventually restrained by two (2) security agents. He continued to struggle until he fainted from exhaustion.

Addendum XXX-002

Interviewed: D-7159
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Foreword: D-7159 has just been woken up.
<Begin Log>
Dr. ██████: Welcome back, D-7159
D-7159: Good to be back, I guess.
Dr. ██████: How are you feeling?
D-7159: Well I didn't stay comatose so pretty good.
Dr. ██████: Thank you. I will be right back D-7159, please remain seated.
(Dr. ██████ stands up and leaves the interview room and moves into the observation area to watch D-7159 via cameras. After twenty one (21) minutes, D-7159 started exhibiting strange behavior such as laughing hysterically, throwing objects around the room and attempting to disable the cameras. Dr. ██████ leaves the observation area after a further three (3) minutes and reenters the interview room with two (2) security agents.)
Dr. ██████: What exactly do you think you are doing, D-7159?
D-7159: (Laughing) Oh man, I didn't realize I still hadn't woken up yet! This is amazing!
(D-7159 walks towards the door and attempts to leave. She appears confused upon finding that it will not open)
Dr. ██████: I think you will find that locked door proof that you are not still dreaming.
(D-7159 appears genuinly upset at this remark and begins sobbing for 46 seconds. Subject then attempts to attack Dr. ██████ and is intercepted and subdued by the security agents. Subject continued to struggle until she fainted from exhaustion.)
<End Log>
Closing Statement: Further testing with woken subjects is not advisable as they literally believe that they could be doing anything else instead. D-7159 has entered a comatose state similar to those who remain in contact with SCP-XXX.

Addendum XXX-002A

Would personnel please refrain from convincing new personnel to use SCP-XXX and then waking them up in order to act out their dream sequences, encouraging them to attempt fantastical stunts or (God forbid) enacting sexual fantasies. It is irresponsible, unwise and immoral. If I see anyone attempting to do this again I will deal with you personally.
~Dr. ██████

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