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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each copy of SCP is to be kept in a separate regulation style containment box at Site-92, under triple lock. No testing is permitted without authorization from the Site Director.

D-class used in testing of of SCP are to be outfitted with the provided shock collars. If the D-class attempts to deviate from the written statement, supervisory staff is to activate the collar and remove SCP from their possession before they return to coherence.

All statements that will be used in the testing must be written out and verified by the Senior Research Staff on duty before testing. Any deviations from written statements are strictly forbidden. The following words, and any words that would indicate the same thing, are currently forbidden from use in testing: Atomic. Black Hole. Wormhole. Nuclear. Planet busting. SCP Foundation. Paradox. Time Travel. Sun. Any currently known SCP. Antidisestablishmentarianism. Mind Control. Disease.

Description: SCP is a circular piece of wood, approximately 33 cm long. Half of the object appears to have been debarked and sanded smooth, while the other half, what is often referred to as the 'handle,' is natural and still barked wood. It appears to be carved from a branch of oak; however all tests have indicated that all copies of SCP are identical in every way. A 'The Factory' logo has been engraved in the base of object. There are currently three copies of SCP in Foundation care.

When held by the 'handle,' and a desire for an extraordinary power or ability is spoken, SCP bestows said ability upon the holder. However, all laws of nature still apply when these abilities which often leads to the death of the user. SCP seems to allow only simple statements, as attempts to request abilities in terminology which would circumvent any downside are not granted. In addition, requests for small changes, such as extra height, different facial features, or being able to lift a small amount more, are not granted. So far, SCP has only granted one request per person, even when using an different instance of the object.

The first incidence of SCP was found in Proctor, Vermont. A nearly 100 percent spike in reports of breast cancer led SCP researchers to a 13 year old boy, who had recently been admitted to the town hospital with a severe case of ocular tumors. Interviews with the boy led Foundation agents to SCP.

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To be included: D-2112, previously instructed to say: "Super speed," instead said: "I want a giant [EXPLETIVE DELETED]." D-2112 was later found to have died when his body could not obtain the necessary oxygen to support the massive increase in the metabolic requirements of his penis and he suffered a severe cyanotic episode, followed by necrosis.

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