Wasteland Paladin


SCP-XXX is in all appearances a regulation baseball bat, with no distinguishing markings of any kind. Only when it is used in a violent manner is its unusual trait displayed.

SCP-XXX will cause any organic life it hits in a violent manner to react in a manner akin to a pinata. The severity of SCP-XXX's effect is determined by how hard the object is swung. Organic matter that touches or bumps against SCP-XXX gently have experienced symptoms akin to muscle paralysis, with D-Class subjects that have been prodded with SCP-XXX have feeling "like they were stuffed with hard things, and stiff as fuck."

SCP-XXX was found in ████████, █████, when reports of [DATA EXPUNGED] at a children's birthday were received. Foundation operatives were sent into the area, and found a child with holding SCP-XXX surrounded by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Child reacted in an aggressive manner to the agents upon their arrival, and was quickly neutralized. The child managed to strike Agent ████████, and SCP-XXX displayed its ability rather violently. Agents ██████████ and ██████ refuse to give any details, and have enlisted psychiatric aid after the incident.

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